[mrgreen] In the online slot machine world, it is not often that you get what is called a home run slot machine. That would be a machine that is excellent in every aspect and is something everyone should be playing. The Dark Knight Rises Slot machine is a home run and it only takes a couple of minutes of game play to realize that this machine is something special.

the_dark_knight_rises_slot_machineThe Plot

As with the other online slot machines from the Dark Night/Batman franchise, the Dark Knight Rises follows the plot of the movie and it does so very well. At various points throughout the game you can choose to either follow Batman or Bane. Your choice does not alter your chances of winning, but it does give you access to bonus games and jackpot rounds that are slightly different from each other. The ultimate goal is to save Gotham from destruction and that is where the Dark Knight Rises slot machine takes you.

Sounds And Graphics

There are world class graphics in this slot machine that are intertwined with scenes from the movie. It is always fun to see how game developers can use a movie that is so popular to create a slot machine that people will want to play. The developers of the Dark Knight Rises slot machine stayed with the movie’s look and just used it to create an intense slot machine.

The sound effects and music in this slot machine are nothing short of amazing and they are also well-timed in certain parts of the game play. When you hit the Bane bonus round, it is fun to hear the way the game uses Bane’s voice to introduce the bonus round. The sound effects help to make this game fun just as much as the graphics and that is the sign of a well-designed game.

Winning And Bonuses

The Dark Knight Rises is a five-reel game, but it also advertises 243 different ways to win. When it comes to offering winning options, this game definitely does not disappoint. The scatter symbol is a Scatter Bomb that can appear at any moment and completely change the game play. Batman and Bane each have their own jackpot rounds and there are literally dozens of icon combinations you can get that will lead to free spins, a quick win or even a shot at getting into the jackpot round. This is a game that definitely gives you plenty of chances to win.

The Bottom Line

The Dark Knight Rises slot machine is something that movie fans and slot machine fans will enjoy. It contains everything that made the movie so popular, and it also adds in plenty of its own character to make winning as fun as ever. This is definitely a slot machine that every player has to try at least once.

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