[miau] The Sunset Reels Slot machine game, is similar to old-time traditional slot machines. This is a three-reel game, and has five pay lines. Your objective in the game is to get three symbols that are consecutive, in order to win a prize. The order of the symbols must be from left to right. Your minimum bet amount can be as low as $.25, and can go up, depending on how much you choose. The higher the bet, the more you’ll get when you win. The background of the game looks like a Canyon wasteland, with rocky peaks in the background.

sunset_reels_slot_machineThere are many different symbols on the screen, but mostly you’re going to see fruit, as well as bar symbols, and some cherries, and double sevens. You’ll really want to get double sevens if possible. If you get three of the double sevens in a row, you can actually win 160 times the amount that you just bet. Who couldn’t use that kind of money to take home? If you get a full house of any particular symbol on the screen, it will double your win. You can choose the lines that you want to play, and there is also an auto-play feature.

The auto-play feature gives you several options to play, and you can pick which ones are best for you, depending on the amount you want to bet. There are also different points of view that you can see in this game, by clicking on the “Real 2 Reel” feature button, on the top right corner. This is a great addition to this game, because you are traditionally looking at the game, as if you are standing in front of a real life slot machine. When you push the Real 2 Reel button, it zooms out, giving you a view of the casino floor.

Playing this game in either version, will give you the feel of being inside a real casino, and that’s why the button is called “real,” because it actually does become very realistic. Funny enough, in fact, the word “realistic” is printed on the front of the game in the middle, if you look for it. The creators of this game really put a lot of thought into this machine. The game is generally silent, unless you are spinning the reels, then they began to make noise. If you have a winning combination, then you’ll hear some exciting chiming.

Other than with specific wins, and the spinning of the reels, the game is desolate of noise. Your statistics such as your bet amount, your win, and what you are paid, are listed at the bottom of the screen. If you can’t get all double sevens, you’ll want to go for the watermelons, or the bars, because three of them in a row can win you 40 times your bet amount. Enjoy the game!

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