Who doesn’t love a challenging game of Sudoku? At we offer tons of games, like Sudoku, that can keep you entertained during your free-time. Need a quick game at work just to get your mind off stressors, we provide all these games that are perfect for your when you have just a few minutes to spare. For all those who love the numbers games, this one is sure to please. When you first click on this game, you will notice that you don’t have to download a thing, all you need is a good web browser and some speakers and we provide all the resources needed to play from your screen. So forget downloading things to your computer and getting a potential virus, we take care of everything for you.

Sudoku Is A Numbers Game

Anyone who knows anything about Sudoku knows that it is a pretty intense game. No there’s no fighting or fierce opposition to make it to the next level, but there is major battles of the mind. See, this game uses numbers 1-9, and they all have to fit nicely within a box. The only hard part is that you cannot use the number cannot be repeated within the same 3×3 box, and it also cannot be repeated in the same row. Sounds easy enough, but it isn’t.

When you go to the start screen, you will notice that many of the numbers have already been filled in for you. That’s because it makes it more challenging for some, while others appreciate the extra help. Simply click on a number and then click on the spot where you want it to go. If it is not the right location, you will hear a loud buzzer meaning it is wrong. If you have selected the right location, it will fill the number in for you. Now here’s where it gets really interesting, if you don’t know where to put the number, you can just hit the “hint” button.

The great thing is that you can use the hint button as much as you want. Just be careful and not hit it too much or it takes the fun out of the game. The set-up is rather simple, it’s just a box. There is not allot of graphics in this game, but there is some sound effects. These can easily be turned off if someone is in a place where they cannot have noise, or it is bothersome.

Tips and Help

If you need to get more tips on how to play, we have provided them for you at the start of the game. The opening menu gives you many options to choose from. Don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it right away, Critic.net is there to help every step of the way. We not only provide great games, but we also provide the instruction on how to play those games. We never leave you in the lurch; we give you a step-by-step guide to allow you a successful playing experience.

If you are one of those people who are constantly trying to beat your highest score, we have set up a great way to keep track for you. Simply click on the “highest scores” button in the start-up menu and you can easily find out what your scores are. The system will automatically generate this feature after the first game has been played. Don’t fear, your scores will be kept safe no matter how many times you exit and come back, as long as your computer allows “cookies” to keep the data safe.

Keeping Track of Your Highest Scores

Once you have accomplished the goal and won the game, you will hear a loud victory sound and the game will be over. There are no levels and the game doesn’t increase with intensity as you play. Sudoku itself it pretty difficult and the battle of skills are not for everyone. However, if you play with other friends and family members, you may want to share the link to this game. We have provided a great link that allows you to embed this game into your favorite site. You can even email the link to other Sudoku enthusiasts and allow them to play along.

At the bottom of the Sudoku game there is a tool bar to help you share. The bar says three things: Social bar, Embed and Share. This allows you to send the game on to others and increase the traffic on our site too. It is linked to famous sites like Face Book, Twitter and Myspace. We want everyone to know how great we are and how we give you the games you want for a great price, free!

About Critic.net

While there are only two rules to the game and the object of playing free Sudoku at Critic.net is easy to see, there are other games that are not so easy to understand. If you crave a good challenge, we have all sorts of games for you. From the latest games that follow block buster movies to the classic games you played as a child, we have a collection that cannot be rivaled anywhere else on the web. Best of all we don’t charge you anything to play these games. You can simply click on our site and begin to play.

We have both arcade type games and slot machine styles. Then we also have your traditional games like word searches and those who prefer a classic challenge. Our site is filled with tons of games that it would take a long time to play them all. We keep our site selection vast, which allows us to cater to all sorts of people and their varied interests. We are sure that you can find a game that you will like to play. From those that are played solitaire to those who can be played against the computer or other players, we have them all!

Fall Time Sudoku Game
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