Sports Betting GuidePeople have been putting bets and wagers on anything that they believed could result in more outcomes than one. Gambling has been around since centuries and even the most ancient of civilizations took it as a great way to spend time and possibly get fortunate. As for the placement, there is no place on earth where it does not get practiced either legally or otherwise. Sports are meant for entertainment but betting has added a lot more to it than just that. Here is a whole new world that just opens up and is quiet attractive too featuring possibility of making quick money. Where betting in casinos is taken more as a source of entertainment than earning, sports betting gives a much bigger chance for the gamblers to use their expertise and knowledge. In some parts of the world, this action is prohibited for one reason or the other but in most countries it is perfectly legal, in fact it is regularized. Websites operate making it seem more like a stock exchange where bets are bought and sold. Betting in sports however involves a lot of risk of losing wealth as there are fewer odds of making a lot of money as is associated with the gambling practices as a whole.

Sports betting – better than betting in casino games

Those people who have had experience of playing online casino games and even real life casino games know this for a fact that it is next to impossible to beat the system. Yes, the word has been used right; the system of casino has to be beaten for a gambler to win something. There are several examples of people having gotten lifted up by casino management upon winning a bit too much for their comfort, the question arises why does this happen? Clearly, the casino management is not convinced that the gambler has won it fair and square, but every time? There is certainly more to it than meets the eye and apparently, casino just does not want to lose, at least not much. This is quite understandable that a casino itself is a profit organization. People bet against the casino when they do and that is where the problem comes. Casinos cannot stay rich if they simply let every tom dick and harry walk out with their money. So, they improvise; make the rules such that eventually everything comes back to the house. Gamblers make calculations, practice moves and do God knows what to somehow find their way to win back their lost money and when they do, they are looked with suspicion. It is therefore a suggestion to view online and real life casino gambling as purely entertainment and not sources to make extra cash to spend a weekend at Hawaii, which is just not going to happen. Anyone who knows a hint of math can calculate that buying lottery ticket and hoping to become a billionaire is not as fantasizing as hoping to win against a casino.

Casino betting has nothing to do with the gambler’s knowledge, expertise or practice but all it has to do is with luck. There is a mathematical probability that the number he has wagered on will come up or the color or the card etc. Therefore, no matter how perfect one gets in playing texas holdem poker, craps, blackjack, roulette or any other casino game, the odds of losing are always much higher than winning. For instance, if a person wagers for number 93 to come up in a series of 0 to 99 when the result is due to be random, then there is only 1/100 or one in a hundred chances for this to happen. There is possibility of the number coming up in the first turn is there but in order to guarantee that the number will definitely come up, 100 turns have to be made. So, there is no such thing as being able to win more or not lose in casino using guide books, tips and tricks.

On the contrary, when betting on sports, any facilitator only takes his fee of facilitating the procedure, which is to meet two gamblers with opposing guesses with each other. However, the facilitator himself may or may not be an active participant in the procedure. Also, unlike casino games, sports betting has more odds in the favor of gambler rather than in against of him. For instance, there are only two teams and one will win, so there is a 50/50 chance of winning and losing provided the teams are analyzed to be potentially equally capable of winning the match. Analyses tell how better a chance does one team has over the other, these analyses take into account the talent of players in both sides, the venue at which the match is to be held, clearly the home side takes better advantage, the past performance of the two teams against each other. Based on these factors and several others (depending upon the sport at hand) the gambling rates are fixed for both teams. The more there are chances for a team to win, the higher a gambler has to pay to wager on it, and the lower the chances there are for a team to win, the lower he has to pay. For example, team A is twice as tough as team B and enjoys the advantage of home ground and hence the home crowd, then the rates of both teams will be set as say $0.80 and $0.2 for team A and B respectively. This makes a total of $1 for one complete wager and winner gets it all. Now as one can see, gambler wagering on team A has more to lose than the one who wagered on team B while at the same time the odds are in his favor. The second gambler only has a chance of high return on minor investment as a motivational thing for him to wager on the weaker team.

The great thing about sports betting is that one can analyze and make simple calculations on his own about how better chances does one team has to win against the other based on exactly the same factors as mentioned above i.e. talent of the teams, their past performance history and benefits of home crowd and ground. Hence, the expertise of gambler, his experience and knowledge about conditions comes to play a big role while wagering on sporting teams. Another great thing about betting on sports that is not there in casinos is the option to pull out before the bet matures. Having said that, once a person who has wagered on a team that he thinks will lose after the match has started, he can sell his wager to another willing buyer of it for of course, lesser price so as to save himself from a bigger loss. Now why would someone buy a losing bet? Of course one will buy if it is sold at the right price; there is always a right price for even the most obviously losing team even if it is one cent up against three dollars i.e. 300 times gains on wining. This is the prime idea of online sport betting sites for people to buy and sell bets once they think the price is right.

Match fixing and poor referring – an uncertainty

Match fixing is a very commonly heard phenomenon these days and is seen as a huge crime considering the purpose of sports i.e. presenting healthy activities. It is rather unclear as to why players fix matches even though they are paid handsome amounts as compensation for their services and then even more from their sponsors. Not to mention, in some sports, like football for instance the prize money for winning is huge and enough for someone to play whole heartedly for. There are however several arguments in favor of players who indulge in fixing matches. One being that players realize that they have got a very short time for making money, and that they try to make as much money as they can and while they still can. Normally, in extensive sport, careers are short and fame is short lived, so players do not really mind taking little bribe to lose for once or twice. Another is that they get threatened by powerful mafias who book and fix matches. Whatever the reason might be of fixing matches, this phenomenon very severely affects the sports betting practices.

Matches are fixed, usually by teams that have the better chances of winning the match rather than those who have lesser odds of it. Now, after having done all the math and having analyzed the two competing teams, one is still unaware of whether the match has been fixed and the team that stands hundred times better chances of winning against the other is going to lose. It should be kept in mind that bookies and fixers have no interest in the amount that other people are going to lose; they can manipulate the outcomes in more ways that one can think of. For example, team A stands better chance than team B, but the later seems as if it has the game in the bag and that team A is going to lose, gamblers start selling their bets off in favor of team B and eventually, as calculated, team A wins. This way the suspicion o match being fixed gets dissipated and all what stays as memory of the match is it being a “close call for team A”. On the back stage, gamblers that took the bait end up losing a great deal of amount while the bookies make a fortune. Managers of players are often found to be the most closely involved people in match fixing and booking activities as they stand the best chance of luring the players in doing such an activity and in making transactions to them of rewards as they get covered by “endorsement fees coming from sponsors”. It is a better idea not to wager on teams that are uncertain in this matter and have a reputation of losing against comparatively much weaker sides.

Umpires and referees are the judges in any sports and regardless of the fact how wrong a decision is that they give, they always get away with it due to the “human mistake” factor. Governing bodies of all sports do not mind wrong umpiring calls and consider them as part of the game and they justify them as a lack of concentration or having gotten caused by distraction. There are several matches that see no or very minor poor umpiring say the governing bodies and hence they end it all up saying these false decisions can be ignored, rather they should be. The history of sports holds in it, stories of some of the worst umpiring decision ever made that ended up completely turning the game on its head and some other times contributed in doing so a great deal. Controversies arise after there has been a jaw dropping competition with an ant beating a giant or almost having done so, but they fade away soon as a new story catches the eye. Poor umpiring decisions however leave a tragic impact on the wagers of sports better as the umpiring factor does not get counted while evaluation.

The sports that are the most notorious for being prone to poor umpiring are football and baseball with the former getting away with the disability of umpires to having seen the action as it unfolded and the later for being high in adrenaline. Players, cannot challenge the decision of the umpires and referees in most sports with exception of a few like cricket where there is added a Decision Review System enabling teams to review a decision for as many times as their challenge comes up being right. But in most games, poor umpiring decisions are always a threat to set pattern of sports betting.

Poor umpiring can be however brought to account while calculating rates for two competing teams. Some of the better analysts try considering every aspect that can possibly be there including the halt of match due to poor weather. There are always odds for a match to be stopped due to one reason or the other including rain, crowd invasion, injuries etc. and regardless of how small these odds night be, they are always counted while setting the rates for winning team, the loosing team and the tie. League matches, rather than international matches face the biggest umpiring failures and the gamblers need to keep this into account while betting on them. Some people believe that there is more to poor umpiring than what meets the eye. Having said that, they believe the umpiring decisions that were wrong were well and truly intentional and not just accidental. After all, when money is tied to something, it cannot be expected to stay plain and simple.

How bookmakers make money?

As the sports betting industry continued to grow bigger, eventually reaching the volume and size it is right now, there grew a need for someone to organize the betting procedures. The simple rational of betting on sports matches is that a person bets on wining of a team only if there is another person to wager on the other in opposition of him. Book makers become the second person to wager thus relieving the first person from having to wait till he finds a person to wager against. But as mentioned above, things are not as simple as this, like someone simply walking to a book maker asking him to take his bet in favor of the favorite team and then going back home with the prize. The book makers have complete discretion of setting the rates of oppositions on “take it or leave it” basis and hence have complete autonomy of setting the rates based on the interest of people. It is due to be noticed here too that even in the industry of book making, the market forces of demand and supply influence the rates with the book maker fine tuning them. It is not uncommon for rates of one book maker to not match those of another but the difference however is nominal.

Usually the procedure is under taken through either telephone or a reactive website. The gambler has to tell on which team or player (in case of individual games) does he want to place his wager on and is then asked to pay up using payment cards. In horse racing, like the older days, book makers still can be found physically present on the spot in a shop unlike those who operate online. These shop keeper book makers issue a slip to the gamblers taking cash money and the slip has to be produced in front of them if the wager wins.

The operations of book makers are not that simple even though the theory is. They aim to take more money in the losing wager than they do in wining ones. Having said that, the book makers make profits only if more people or more money got paid to them as wager placed on the team that lost as compared to the money paid to them as wager on the team that won eventually. There is a commission of book makers that is supposed to be their source of income. The price difference between the favorite and the otherwise team relieves the book makers from losing money both hands. They always maintain a balance by adjusting the price with the wagers that they receive so as to guarantee a positive return to them. But, usage of false means for making huge profits by manipulating the results of sports is not put out of the question.

There is a huge gap in theory and practice of book makers that are often called as “bookies” and not to mention often regarded as cunning people. Based on their experiences in betting, gamblers consider bookies as helpful agents or unnecessary people. However, it cannot be underestimated that book makers bring possibilities from across the globe to one place thus easing the gambler to wager. Currently the sports betting industry is constituted by thousands of clients more active than millions other that take part off and on, making the book making business both difficult to manage and profitable in operation. In presence of so many bets, book makers make enormous amounts from their commissions that are due from every client. If a client loses then the book maker gets to keep his entire wager and if he wins they keep a commission and the wining price is often offset by wagers placed by people on the losing side. Whatever the arrangement might be, book makers always make the situation such that money on their end stays in the green and not in red.

Most popular kinds of bets:

There are several kids of sports bets that differ from each other based on the method of trading. Given below are just a few out of virtually countless ways through which bets can be wagered in sports matches. The first one is money bet often called as a money line bet. In more popular terms this is also called as a win bet. In this form, the person that wagers puts his bet on a team in case of team games and player in case of individual games that he thinks stands best chance of winning. Having done this, the gambler agrees to bear the loss of full amount if the player or team wagered on loses the match. Similarly, as reward he takes the whole amount to him in case he wins the bet. In some games, where it is possible, there is another option of a tie. A third gambler can wager on tie with a very small amount to wager compared with the other two possible outcomes. The wager amount of a tie is the least considering the lowest possibilities that there are for a game to tie up. Another very similar alternative is the lose bet, that is pretty but the acronym of the formerly discussed. In this kind of wager, instead of calling out which team or player will win, the gambler tell which team or player would lose. This is just another way of saying that the other team or player will win. Also, in games like golf and races in which there are more competitors than two, every competitor is given a certain weight based on the odds that exist for him or her to win the game. Based on that, gamblers wager on one team betting that it will win over all others, or they can wager by betting which one will definitely lose.

Another widely used form of sports betting is the point spread betting that is also called as straight bet. In the United Kingdom, the name of handicapped bet is used for the same thing. The mentioned format is the same in most regards to the win bet but has one thing different that is actually quiet big for a difference. Where win bet clearly states one team being more favorite to winning the match than the other, the handicapped bet equalizes the chances of both the teams to win with increasing the spread of one team that is the favorite. For example, if team A and B meet each other in a football match, and the team A is stronger and thus favorite of wining then a point spread of say 2 is set. Having done this, team A must win from 2 goals at least for the gambler to be called as a winner of the bet. Hence even in the team A wins but wins by 1 goal, the bet is still lost. Another variant of this method is the lose-point spread that is everything like the former with a difference that the team B is wagered on saying it will lose from at least 2 points.

Then in a wide range of sports, there exists a way of betting on matches called totals betting. This is also called an over/ under betting. What is there to it is that a book maker sets the total number of goals, runs, points that he wagers on a team will score during their course. The gambler is then asked to either place an over or an under bid backing up the team to either score lower or higher than the given total. In this form, book makers are mostly the happy ones as they have almost same number of bets saying both things, which is the possibility that the team will score higher and lower. So, when the match ends, they are able to offset one winner’s rewards with the loss of the other.

Some little out of the way betting methods include the specials or also known as proposition bets. These bets are usually regarded to be just fun, however some gamblers take these very seriously and these are becoming rather serious betting means. The wager of this bet does not have any substantial effect on the outcome of the match but just serves as being a variable. For example, a person can wager on whether there will be a goal from one football team against the other in the first round or not. Then there can be placed a bet on which player from a side will score the first goal. These bets are somewhat difficult to fix with the players should a gambler or a book maker choose doing so because it is hard to make a specific player to score the first goal or a player to let the first home run hit of his delivery. Player of the match is not possible to fix because as far as fixing goes, it only talks about underperforming rather than over performing so these are some areas that match and also known as spot fixing cannot cover. But for what it is worth, there are thousands of different kinds of special bets that can be wagered on in a single match.

Future bets are slow but really high yield bets that, as the name suggest deal in the future occurrences. For instance, a gambler can wager on a team to win the world cup where this bet has to be placed before the world cup has even started. Similarly, to wager on a player to win golfing or a tennis tournament, again the bet has to be placed before the start of the tournament to make things fairer. However, a gambler can leave or buy an existing bet as the tournament proceeds based on the performance that the team gives a the tournament unfolds. As this goes on to happen, it becomes clearer about which team stands the better chances of qualifying into the later stages and hence the rates get adjusted accordingly. Higher rates to wager on become even high as an already favorite team goes on winning matches and vice versa.

There is another increasingly difficult to get right type of bet that pays of enormously if gotten right. It is called as an accumulator or parley in more popular terms. A set of say five matches is taken and the gambler tells which five teams will win the five matches. Now, since the odds of all the given five teams to win are nominal, so if the amount required to place this wager. If the five teams win, the return gets multiplied and a good chunk of money is received by the gambler. Counter wise even if one of the five teams loses even one of its matches, the bet is lost by the gambler. So, it is either getting them all right or losing the entire amount of the wager. It is popular in cultures in which people do not have enough time to sit and watch the entire matches and having placed this bet, they can simply get to know about the progress as the result of the match finds its way into the news paper. It is a sit back and watch for weeks kind of bet.

Some less popular types of bets in sports:

IF bet is not as widely used as others but it is used in some sports where it is more relevant. It is the same as a normal money line bet with an addition that an IF clause is attached to it. This makes a chain of bets with every next coming bet being turned on if the previous one is satisfied. This means that if the first bet is won by a gambler then the next bet that he has wagered on becomes on. For example, a gambler bets on a football team to win with an IF clause and the second bet is placed on the fact that the wining team is going to win from one goal. If the first bet of his is satisfied, the second one comes to question and if that gets satisfied too then the return is multiplied.

The round robin bet is not used as parlay betting is used in its stead. This too includes a set of matches necessarily of the same team where only one bet tells how which match up will the stated team win and which it will lose out of a number of matches. This form of betting became obsolete and hence is not as widely used as the parlay since this one confines the gamblers to take only one team and tell/ wager the outcomes of the coming matches. Also, in parlay the gamblers are better able to judge out of the pairs of teams that compete, which team will win. In play betting is a flourishing concept that involves placement of bets during the time when a match is under way. This means that it liberates the gamblers to wager on teams and expected outcomes as the match proceeds. It is highly volatile in nature as a wager of say, one out of two competing football teams will score two or more goals in the match will be sky rocketed with respect to its rate upon the score of one goal in the very early stage of the first half since probability of the second goal to be scored during the course of the match goes really high. The exchange betting is not a separate way to wager rather it is just a mean through which all the kinds of bets can be bought, sold or canceled during the progress of a match up. Fantasy sports betting as the name suggests involves teams that do not actually exist but are made by a gambler and put to compete against the teams made by others. The fantasy team is then quantified based on the talents of each player in the very recent matchups and then the total aggregates of the teams are compared with the one having bigger aggregate wining it over the other.

Internet is the prime source:

From all other ways through which gamblers can wager and bet, internet remains the prime source and mean for doing so. It is very easy for gamblers to wager in this manner as all they have to do is to log in with their registered book maker and then place the bet on their desired team or event. Some betting sites offer scores of different things to wager on including the very minor of things in the match up, and as mentioned above these minor things not necessarily have to have an impact on the outcome of the match up. Online exchanges of betting work so fast that even a blink of an eye would be beaten by it, since the matches can change instantly so can the positions be using reactive websites where rates of teams and events continuously keep on changing.

Understand the odds:

As part of self analyses of whether the price being asked to wager on a certain team or a player is right or not, one can conduct a simple calculation that tells if it is. The main thing that one needs to understand in sports betting is that it is all about the odds. The more the odds are there for a team or a player to win, the higher price it will have to bet on it. Similarly, the lesser the odds are for a team or player to win, the lesser amount there will be charged to bet on it. Odds mean the chances that an event stands for it to happen. An example of it is that when sun is out, one can bet there is just one in a thousand chances that it will rain, and on a cloudy morning there odds will be one in five that it will rain. Once it rains, the odds become immaterial and the bet is then said to have matured as the result or outcome has been experienced.

Similarly, there are numerous factors that count when it comes to analyzing whether the price or rate set for a team is right or not. News effect the rates greatly, where most of the up and down in rates of one team out of the two is effected in during the match, there is still quiet an impact of pre match news. For example, there is a football that is about to take place and one player in that side is considered as the backbone of the team. In other words he is pretty much the sole reason why the team he plays for in considered as favorites. The rates of that team are obviously then quiet high as compared to the rates of the other team. Just a couple days before the match that player gets injured or gets taken out of the team for some reason, now the advantage is lost by that team and no longer remains the favorite that reflects on the rates of wager placement. This is how some gamblers make money or lose it even before the match has started. A good advice is to hold to the bet in case such an advantage is lost prior to the match by the team wagered upon. The selling of such bets takes place in panic of having to lose the full amount of wager so gamblers try to settle for a lesser loss.

There is also a plus and a minus involved in several sports betting variant and they must be understood. Minus indicates the team or the player being the favorite whereas the positive sign is that of the underdog. It can be better illustrated by an example. In a tennis match of a big player A against a weaker one B, as the odds are in the favor of A, the sign of minus will be mentioned with the rates implying the payment of the stated amount to enter the bet. Similarly, with the rate of B, a positive sign is placed implying reception of the written amount upon wining the wager. Quantifying the example, it becomes even easier to understand:

Player A: -250
Player B: +150

Now, the gambler who wagers on the wining of player A will have to pay up 250 units of currency in order to initiate the bet, to counter him, the gambler wagering on player B will have to pay 100 units of currency to enter the initiated bet. As the match unfolds and then ends, the victory of team A would result in loss of 100 units of currency submitted by the second gambler and the first one gets paid 250 back and the 100 from the second gambler. So the total money that he would get will total to 350 units of currency. However if the upset does happen and the Player B wins, then the second gambler gets paid back the 100 and another 150 as reward. The second gambler who wagers the underdog does not mind because he had lesser to lose as compared to the first gambler. There is however proportionally, a lot bigger return for him as compared to the first because the odds were never in his favor.

It is also important to understand that the odds keep on changing until the last moment of match. Only until the match has ended is when the odds stop changing. Apart from that, right to the last ball in a cricket match and right to the last minute of football match the odds keep on changing however far the two chances may be. Like mentioned above, there is always a right price for even a losing wager even if the chances are one in a million. Unsurprisingly the rate of such an odd can be set; it would be $1 against a million dollars.

It is also very important for gamblers to understand and realize the fact that book makers and book making agencies are profit organizations that are concerned not with helping the gamblers win but with assisting them to be able to wager and as compensation they charge commissions.

Word to the wise about sports betting:

However attractive sports betting might be to look but it always recommended participating considering the affordability of being able to do so. Family guys with children to put food on the table for and to pay tuition fees of just do not fit the profile of a person who can really take his chances in wagering on sports. Not that he cannot or should not, but the proposition is to have the time needed to sit and watch match as it unfolds and to buy and sell bets with the passage of time. Also, there are disclaimers and rules and regulations associated with gambling sites that are mandatory to read through and to abide by during the course of usage of that specific site. Serious problems arise when gamblers do not do so and then later on have to take the matter to court. Where, they eventually lose for having made a false claim. The situation in gambling and sports betting industry and in the stock market is pretty much the same when it comes to realization of the risks associated with the trade. There too brokers try making it as clear as they possibly can to the new traders that in case of losses they themselves will be responsible. However obvious it might sound that a person in his sane mind making a wager is totally responsible for his gain or loss, still plenty of people who base their assumption on just a single success story begin to expect enormously high returns, not to mention guaranteed returns from gambling and book makers.

Another alarming reality is that many people just make wagers on and bet on sports they know nothing about. A person who has not enough knowledge of how a game is played, what the rules are and what penalties are there for players and teams to face during the match, cannot wager, at least not successfully. It is also due to be understood there are factors that can tamper badly with the outcomes of a match up. These factors have been discussed in detail above being related to match fixing and poor umpiring decisions made on the field. These factors have nothing to do with the book makers and in case of an upset match, however big the upset might be, the book maker is not to be blamed since it is just a medium or a platform for trade of bets.

The A to Z of Mobile Betting Unveiled

The evolution and development of sports gambling have apparently gone through multiple stages – from the traditional neighborhood bookmakers, to the legitimated wagering shops, and these days, worldwide virtual markets of betting. The very first cyber sports wager was made in the beginning of the year 1996, through Intertops. Since that moment, most of the experts imagine the rise of this industry, which now indisputably has transformed into a global conception which’s swiftly thriving with time.

In the natural progression, mobile gambling is the next big thing. Nowadays, just about every person owns a cell phone. Consequently, it makes the mobile wagering apps a heavenly match, both for the devotees. It is estimated that mobile gambling keeps twelve to fifteen billion dollars of the entire virtual betting market.

As the competition is getting more and more rigorous in order to grab as much share of this profitable market as possible, the operators are bringing together all of their resources in the development of mobile versions of their primary websites. Luckily, this highly competitive environment has introduced some amazing deals which are greatly benefitting the players.

What’s Mobile Gambling?

Those who are confused about the phenomenon of mobile betting should know that this notion is nothing but gambling through mobile devices. In other words, if an individual has the internet connection, then s/he will be able to make stakes from any part of the planet. As a matter of fact, the trend of mobile sports wagering pioneered about 5-6 years ago. Even though the applications were impressive when they hit the world, at first, but they pale somewhat as compared to the mainstream products which are currently available in the market.

Nowadays, approximately, every virtual sportsbook exists on different mobile platforms. In fact, many of them are rendering way more features and markets to the punters unprecedentedly. The best thing about cell phone betting sites is that they can be accessed through multiple platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and so many others which are fully compatible with nearly all bookies.

Mobile gambling is typically the scaled down variant of the standard online wagering. A lot of cell phone betting applications can be found these days, which offer wonderfully identical layout and color scheme as their primary website. All these things are essentially done in order to keep everything familiar with the customers and make the mobile version more accessible and user-friendly.

Upsides of Mobile Betting

When it comes to the benefits of giving preference to the cell phone sports betting platforms, then ease of use and convenience should be the most obvious one. In case of mobile wagering, bettors never waste their precious time by waiting for hours in a row. All they have to do is take out their cell phone from the pocket, connect to the World Wide Web and start trying their luck right away.

It allows those lovers of sports betting who daily cope with the stringent schedules, since now they can place their preferred stakes in the bus when heading towards office, during the short break or whenever they find merely two spare minutes. Some fellows might conceive that the experience of wagering via cell phones would be notably inferior, in terms of the resolution and quality of graphics.

However, it is nothing more than a misconception. The truth is that is mobile technology is growing extremely fast and these days, smartphones are none less than mini computers which are truly capable to of offer high resolution with crisp and clear display just like any stupendous desktop computer might does. It is the second worth mentioning advantage of making wagers via mobile phones.

Furthermore, the idea of mobile betting establishments is not merely to render convenience and superlative graphics, but to make bets on nearly all sports of the world, including tennis, Moto GP, horse racing, golf, cycling, cricket, NASCAR, soccer and many more. Prestigious groups like Coral and Ladbrokes have already created those betting applications which allow players to access all these sports from only one platform. It depicts that now the entire arena of sports betting is only one touch away.

Mobile betting platforms also provide the opportunity of placing wagers from the privacy. Generally, personal computers are used by multiple users, which breach the privacy to a certain extent. While on the other hand, since mobile phones are used and operated only by the proprietor, therefore, there is no chance whatsoever of issues like privacy violation.

Another exceptional benefit of putting bets on diverse sports via mobile phones is foolproof security. Recently, the developers of these platforms have introduced some of those security features which keep the personal information and money of the players nice and secure. Additionally, the registered mobile gambling shops operate under the license of empowered wagering bodies. It means that they monitor the activity of each and every establishment certified by them and take required actions if any suspicious activity takes place.

Types of Mobile Betting Sites

To see a full list of mobile betting sites click here.

Typically, the mobile wagering establishments are further divided into two main categories. First is known as the downloadable apps and the second one is called browser based sports betting sites. It is pretty much clear from its name that downloadable sportsbooks are directly downloaded on the cell phone’s hard drive. Such apps do not use mobile’s browser to get connected to the internet. These kinds of mobile wagering platforms generally recommended to those players who love breathtaking graphics. However, their downside is that they need larger bandwidths as well as space to function in an optimum way.

The no download or flash mobile sports wagering sites would work without having to download any kind of software. As a matter of fact, these kinds of betting platforms make use of the browser in order to get connected to the web. The pros of preferring no download cell phone betting platforms is that they are instantly available, they do not eat up mobile’s hard drive, they work fine even with the slow internet connection and above all no download casinos offer wider assortment of sports to the punter to gamble on. Relatively substandard and mediocre graphics is the only shortcoming of this form of cell phone sports gambling shops.

Reminders to Watch When Placing Wagers via Mobile

As aforesaid, the conception of mobile wagering has gained acceptance and popularity amongst the circles of sports punters all over the globe. But there are some reminders that bettors should observe in order to make their experience of mobile gambling smooth and trouble free.

Stable WAP Connection – It is extremely imperative to ensure before start placing bets on the favorite sports via cell phone that the device has stable internet connection. One should never run a risk with the rickety internet connection. Otherwise issues like placement of duplicate wagers, placement of odds on outdated odds and erroneous entry of wagering details could occur, which can lead to drastic outcomes.

Enter Information Carefully – When placing bets on the sports, an additional zero which is entered mistakenly could change the entire value. This is why; it is highly advised to double check all the entered personal information along with the amount of stake with utmost care. One should also bear in mind that mobile sports betting platforms record all the bets in their system of sportsbook automatically. So, it is also possible for the players to check the records of their wagers to ensure that all bets are placed in a proper way. In case of any doubt, notifying the customer support via phone or email right away is suggested.

Monitoring of Mobile WAP Charges – The users are obliged to pay certain charges to the mobile phone companies for using WAP services. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the players to closely monitor WAP charges of network providers and WAP balance too. Punters should bear in mind that each and every second they connect to the sportsbook via their cell phone counts. Thereby, they ought to manage all of their WAP wagering activities in an efficient way, so that they can easily elude the risk of getting charged extra fees.

Feeling of Wagering via Mobile Devices

The experience of gambling through cell phones is self explanatory to the punters who have previously used the traditional internet sportsbooks. These days, most of the mobile versions of virtual betting platforms offer themes, layouts and graphics similar to their primary site, both in sense of quality and appearance. It does not only assist their customers to recognize their mobile variant with no trouble, but it enhances the overall quality of cell phone sportsbooks as well.

Legitimacy of Mobile Betting

Fortunately, most of the bookmakers which are offering their services via mobile phones are fully licensed and regulated. In fact, some of them are the publicly traded groups. As far as, the legality of mobile wagering is concerned, then auspiciously they are absolutely legal in most of the regions of the world. If truth be told, some of the local authorities are promoting such activities due to the positive impact they bring on the overall economy.

Things to Care For When Betting On Sports

There are considerable numbers of punters out there, who are trying to figure out any sort of perfect strategy or magic system, which can somehow guarantee them 100% wins. The regrettable truth is that the presence of such strategy or system is nothing but a myth. In sports betting or any other kind of gambling, it is absolutely impossible to assure success. Even world’s biggest geniuses and mathematical brainiacs who have extensive knowledge regarding a particular sport cannot do this. The biggest reason behind it is that there’re literally dozens complicated aspects are involved.

However, on the other hand, it does not mean at all that one cannot simply earn cash through sports gambling. Unquestionably, it demands loads of discipline and effort, but by following the ideal approach one can thrive rather easily. It is just imperative to keep in mind that there’re no guarantees whatsoever in virtual sports betting, it does not really matter how proficient a person might be. All s/he can do’s give his/her best and then wait to see what happens next!

In this post, some of those factors are mentioned, which each and every bettor is supposed to consider. All these tips and factors are equally beneficial for the entry level punters and veterans.

Appropriate Mindset

Even the world’s most successful and top punters lose stakes, and it is close to certain that everybody else will as well. The most interesting thing here is that even if a wagerer prefers to put all stakes one the favorite ones. Then, the odds of success in this case are virtually zero. It is a well known fact that sports are way too capricious and upsets could happen when they are least anticipated.

However, it does not entail that a person should put off the notion of online sports gambling and try to find a substitute to make money in a short time. The one and only purpose to clarify all these aspects is to ensure that punters jump into this pool when they have perfect mindset. Although, here a thing that might sound a little strange is that it is pretty much feasible a missing bet to still be counted as a good one.

As a matter of fact, if a wager is placed after careful planning, then there is nothing to be worried about its outcome. After all, there’ll always be a bright chance when everything will fall just in the right place as they were planned. Bettors ought to learn how to accept this reality. Definitely, it is not the easiest thing to do in the world, but it can be achieved by showing a little amount of patience and self confidence.

Thorough Research

In the cyberspace sports gambling, information is regarded as the key to triumph. The more a person knows, the more s/he will be in the position to come up with sensible assessments and predictions of exactly what could happen. Analysis of every single stat for continuous hours is not necessarily required. But spend some time in conducting quality research will certainly be in the favor of punters.

Here the least level of research is that each bettor is supposed to keep updated regarding the pertinent news along with current performance and form of the players. Without any doubt, it will be pretty much effortless to assume nearly the assured win of a startling hockey team in a forthcoming match against comparatively less experienced side. But the odds will dramatically fluctuate if the news come out that their key striker is facing a crucial injury and is not likely to participate in the match and relatively less experienced opponents are in great form lately.

Yes, this is true! Injury is acknowledged as one of those factors in the sports betting which has the most certain impacts on the lines and outcomes of each bet. Players actually play games in the field. If a particular player would not participate in the action or get sidelined due to a serious injury, then it will surely affect the ultimate outcome of the wager. In short, doing all-inclusive research about the sports in which a person is interested to put stakes is of great significance. All these efforts always pay off, especially in the long haul. Therefore, spending some precious time on this chore will be well worth for sure.

Meticulous Selection of Sports for Betting

Having expertise in multiple sports in not out of the question, but the truth’s that most of the folks do not have this knack. A person is likely to earn much more cash by wagering on those sports and games which s/he really knows instead of those about which s/he have merely basic information. Thereby, it is always a pragmatic decision to restrict those sports on which s/he bet on according to the amount of knowledge and experience about the particular sports.

For instance, if a person is a huge fan of soccer and s/he is well aware of each and every facet of this game. Then, in this particular situation, it makes absolute sense to put all the concentration on this particular sport, definitely from the betting perspective. Some other sports could also be tried depending upon the attractive opportunities. Focusing on a limited number of games is always advantageous, though!

Money Management

There is no doubt about that management of cash in a right way plays a decisive role in the failure and success, especially for those bettors who are planning to make a living through it. Punters should always bear in mind that figuring the ideal time to put stakes as well as knowing when to draw back a little can make a big difference. The idea of spending the entire bankroll merely in a single betting session is never appreciated. Keeping things nice and cool is what needed in the sports betting to be successful.
Aside from it, prioritizing things is highly advised as well. If there are utility bills or any other charges are due, then they should be paid off at first. This is the best way to keep trying the luck by placing stakes without getting bankrupted. Furthermore, a wide assortment of money management programs is also available in the market, these days. By employing them, one can always keep a close look at his/her bankroll, eventually which will be very helpful in devising the future plans and strategies accordingly.

Right Platform

Doing a comprehensive research, having adequate knowledge and ideal management of money is not just enough to thrive and be successful in the sports betting, the selection of perfect platform is equally crucial as well. The days are gone, when bettors had to stand in long lines to place bets in the traditional in-house bookmakers. Nowadays, wagers can be placed right from the screen of a personal computer, or even from the cell phone without any fuss. All aficionados of sports betting should be grateful to the internet that has made all these things possible.

Betting via cyberspace platforms offers much more benefits as compared to the other available options. The incredible amount of convenience is just a basic upside. The virtual sports betting establishments feature a whole plethora of other staggering characteristics as well. The ease of use is certainly the most obvious one. Now anyone can put wagers on his favorite sports right from the cozy couch, while wearing pajama and enjoying a scrumptious cup of coffee. All that online gambling platforms demand is an internet enabled device.

In addition to it, the odds which are available on cyberspace betting shops are typically amazingly competitive. Moreover, by having accounts at multiple websites, a person can easily shop around in order to hunt down the most compatible deals. Wagering websites award loads of extra rewards, promotions and bonuses as well. It can put a striking difference on the overall money a person could make in due course.

Keeping Records and Experimentation

There’re no strict rules and regulations that could assist in earning cash when it comes to gambling on sports. In point of fact, this is what that makes wagering so adventurous. Therefore, a bettor should never refrain from trying out some new betting tactics and approaches. By doing some experimentation, one can efficiently sort out what typically works for him/her and what things do not. Punters ought to learn this reality by heart that there’s no system or strategy which’s going to assure a hundred percent win.

Furthermore, keeping records of the gambling sessions is extremely advisable. It is considered as the most reliable way to monitor the progress and figure out which betting strategies are giving better outcomes as compared to others. It lets the punters analyze all the upshots, which in return will assist in deciding the methods to maximize the chances of earning profits. These days, some sports gambling websites are available on the web, which offer built-in record keeping tools. Basically, these programs record all the statistics of each betting session that can be accessed whenever required without any issue.

What Makes a Good Sports Betting Site

As virtual sports betting is gaining more and more popularity all over the world, the websites which offer such services are growing quite rapidly as well. It seems that each and every year, dozens of new brands and companies are emerging in order to accommodate the global virtual punters. Definitely, all these things give rise to a great amount of competition amongst these cyber betting platforms, since they want to draw in as many wagerers as possible.

Some of these online sports wagering service providers promote their brands in an upright and honest way. Whereas, others pretend to be honest, but in reality, there’re not. With literally hundreds of sportsbooks operating on the internet these days, which make it pretty much trickier for the players to figure out the bad and the good ones. After all, all online sports betting establishments always say good stuff regarding their services. Hence, it has become a little complicated to distinguish the genuineness clearly.

Without any doubt, the undependable betting websites will do much more damage than good. First off, they lure their inexperienced customers by offering nice, yet unrealistic offers. But once any customer wins or hits the jackpot, they simply refuse to pay the winnings. This thing could really occur and hence one should choose the cyber sportsbooks with utmost care. Following are some decisive characteristics outlined that all the trustworthy, reliable and best online sports betting platforms possess. It will certainly help the bettors in choosing the ideal and most compatible cyberspace betting establishments in just no time.

Good Betting Sites Are Financially Strong

One of the biggest features that signify a reliable virtual bookmaker is its solid and steady fiscal condition. It should be kept in mind that betting sites more or less function like any monetary institution or bank. The bettors invest their precious money through these platforms by hoping that they will get paid once they win. A question might come up in the mind of some folks that how one could find out whether a betting site is financially stable or not?

Well, the easiest job to sort this out by having a short look at their yearly financial statements. This can be done in those virtual betting groups which are publicly organized. While on the other hand, unfortunately, private service providers might not allow to check their books. But, there is nothing to worry about since their fiscal condition can be easily judged simply by gathering some information about their credibility and past performance in this particular business. Things like for how many long a certain betting site have been running this business and their reputation about the payouts should be pondered.

Quality betting sites offer Superlative Customer Support

The topnotch virtual sports wagering platforms always let their customers get in touch with them without any hassle. They make sure that their valuable users can contact them with the help of diverse modes of communication, including live chat, email or phone. They always feel pleasure in clearing all kinds of issues or misunderstandings and assist their clients right away.

One can test the quality of the customer support department of each cyberspace sports betting platform simply by asking basic questions. If they respond in a nice and satisfying way, then it would be a one solid reason to give them a chance. However, if a person does not get the required answers in a nice way, then it is better to stay off from this service provider.

Quality betting sites Feature Multiple Payment Methods

The deposits and withdrawals of funds to and from the cyber sports wagering platforms is obviously the basic necessity. The superb service providers always make certain the availability of multiple modes of payments for their customers, so that they can make all transactions virtually without facing any serious issue. Generally, payment methods like international bank transfers, VISA and PayPal are featured at such sites.

At the same time, it is highly imperative for the punters to choose sports gambling portals with great care. They should assure that the site they are going to consider is offering those payment methods, which are available in the region where they live. After all, winning tens and thousands of bucks would be simply meaningless, if one could not withdraw these funds. Aside from it, one should ask the selected bookmakers if they deal with his/her local currency. At the end of the day, this petite looking point will help in eluding loads of trouble in the form of currency exchange and other technical things like that.

Tremendous offers, Yet Realistic Bonus Deals

Promotions, bonuses and other incredible rewards are always rendered by the outstanding cyberspace sportsbooks. As a matter of fact, these platforms offer a wide variety of bonuses that often include sign up bonuses, referral bonuses and loyalty bonuses. As it is pretty much clear from its name that sign up rewards are rendered to the users once they complete the process of registration. Generally, it is a fixed amount, which is credited to the accounts of newly registered users.

Similarly, referral bonuses are awarded to those users who refer a new friend to a certain sports gambling website. In point of fact, all these rewards and bonuses are rendered to the customers as a promotional campaign. The type and amount of these bonuses could significantly vary from one platform to another.

However, one thing is quite sure that trustworthy and reliable sports betting websites always offer realistic bonus deals. Whereas the fake service providers and scammers offer phantasmagorical rewards since they have no intention whatsoever to actually pay off their customers. Their one and only goal is to tempt as many users as possible, so that they can fly away with their money.

Good Betting Sites Are Always User-friendly and Smooth

Another exceptional feature that tells apart the marvelous online sports wagering establishments from the mediocre ones is the user-friendliness of their websites. The outstanding service providers offer unrivaled graphics, smooth sites and foolproof security to their clientele.

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