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Free Spider Man 3 is a fun and easy game, no wasting time trying to figure it out. We give you step by step instructions so that you can play. With our online video helpers, the gamer can get started and won’t have to try to figure out all the ins and outs of the game. For this one, it is based loosely off the blockbuster movie that people loved. The original game was made for the hand held game system, but this version is for the computer. This game has an elaborate plot that has plenty of other characters to make it interesting. There are villains like the New Goblin and Sandman to keep things interesting.

When a new gang shows up in town called the “H-Bombers, they blow up the Carlyle building. It is Spider-Man who appears to save the day and to help a woman who is going to be killed. Staged in New York City, there are problems that interrupt his destination. The gang problem is horrible and Spider-Man wants to help the city to overcome the problems. The Daily Bugle has a new reporter, Eddie Brock, and he does cause a bit of problems for the web slinging bandit. If only he had to deal with the H-Bombers alone, but they are just one of many who is terrorizing “The Big Apple.”

His girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, goes along for a thrill ride with him through Central Park. While reminiscing and talking about life, a meteor crashes and makes its way to Peter Parker’s shoe. Unbeknownst to Spider-Man, in the Goblin’s Lair is Harry and he is filling the chamber with smoke, as he gets dressed in his armor. There is a tape that has been recorded from Dr. Connors about the study of lizard DNA. It proves that lizards have the ability to grow a new limb after one has been cut off. Trying to salvage a right arm that he lost during the army, he injects himself with the DNA. The real problem is the man turns into a giant lizard, he gets way more than just an arm. The game is really in-depth and something that is futuristic, a great for science buffs.

As Spider-Man is fighting the gang members, he soon stumbles upon the fact that there is three other gangs causing havoc in the city, they are Apocalypse, Arsenic Candy and Dragon Tails. The group Apocalypse is really no challenge for him, they are targeting the subway system and local power plants. Arsenic Candy has hostages hidden in an abandoned warehouse and they are targeting theaters. Though Apocalypse isn’t the only ones targeting the subway, Spider-Man stops them all with his webs of strength.

It is Peter Parker who happens to be passing by the lab and noticing there is some strange sounds in there. He follows Connors straight into the sewers and has to stop him. He has one goal in mind, turning others into lizards too. He gets away and Peter is trapped. He is unable to go any further. Trying to change his clothes, the New Goblin nearly knocks him off his feet and beings attacking him. The battle takes place and they end up on New Goblin’s Glider, but he is no match for Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s webbing attaches him to the building and defuses his threat. Doing the right thing, Spider-Man gets him help at the local hospital.

Just as Spider-Man gets one problem solved, another one arises. The gang, “H-Bombers” is putting bombs all over NYC’s financial district. They also kidnap a report from the Daily Bugle, J. Jameson. Spidey saves Jameson. After this, Spider-Man needs some sleep, as it has been a very tiring day. The next day things take a turn for the worse when two reporters from the Bugle must try to catch Spider-Man robbing something. A fake Spider-Man is introduced and the game really gets intense.

The rest of the game is Peter Parker trying to find and uncover their plot to set him up. He is kidnapped and this allows the masked impersonator to run free. Trying to ruin Spidey’s good name, it all becomes a game about clearing himself. There is blackmail, and in the end it is the Sandman who steps in to help try to take Peter down. Eventually, Spider-Man makes amends with the sandman. The game has amazing twists and turns and just when a person thinks they can breathe easy, another villain shows up to cause havoc. There are many surprises to keep this game adrenaline rushing and it proves that being Spider-Man is a hard job.

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Spider Man 3 Game
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