[miau] We are headed into the future where space travel and robots are a very real possibility. These of course are the features of the Space Botz Slot machine game. It is based around the ideas of everything that sci-fi fans love.

space_botz_slot_machineThere are some five lines and 25 paylines in this game which makes for many chances to bring home a winning bet. Of course, the better the symbols that line up on those paylines, the better the winnings will be. Players who are only able to hit things like 9’s, 10’s, J’s, etc. are not going to see as large of a win as those who hit the game specific symbols. Of course, hitting those game specific symbols is not easy to do. They are the more difficult of the symbols to land on the paylines, but that does not mean that they are impossible. Rather, it just means that one has to play for a while before they can get such a win.

The wild symbols featured in this game have to do with robots of course. They are space botz symbols that everyone wants to hit. Landing enough of these scatter symbols will provide the player with the opportunity to get free spins. Though there are only five free spins awarded, the robot symbols remain wild during those spins, so the payout can actually be pretty large when one is lucky enough to hit a free spin bonus. Also, players have been known to hit a retrigger while they are playing this particular game, so there is always the possibility of adding on some more spins to the free ones that they have already earned.

Space Botz is a wildly popular game that is gaining even more notice among certain groups of players. Science fiction is starting to become cool again, and a lot of players are actively seeking out this game as it reminds them so much of the many things that they love about sci-fi. With that in mind, it is easy to see why there are a lot of players who will line up to get their shot at playing this game. They just want to be a part of the action that they see so many other players enjoying.

The graphics and other features of this game have been complimented profoundly by slot machine players from all around the world. It is certainly something worth considering playing the next time you are in a casino. After all, the luck may come to you when you are playing a themed game like this. At the very least you know that you will be entertained and that the game will dazzle you with the various special features and the like that it contains. You can probably go ahead and assume that you are going to love this one when you play.

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