Sonic the Hedgehog provides you with a classic gaming experience. This game comes highly recommended due to the ease of using the controls, straightforward game play, and the captivating and exciting story line. This game is perfect for classic Sonic lovers, as it follows the classic and original Sonic theme.

The controls in the game are simple and easy to remember. To move the player simply uses the left or right arrow keys and the space bar allows Sonic to jump. By pressing the down button and the space bar simultaneously, Sonic will go into his spin dash. These are Sonic’s only moves, so navigating through the game is very easy. The player is free to enjoy the game without having to memorize complicated controls or pause game play to look at the keyboard for the button they need to press.

Game play is also designed to be simplistic and easy to navigate. Sonic only needs to move from left to right in the map of the zones without needing to navigate three dimensional and complicated areas. The player simply dashes Sonic forward while collecting rings and avoiding enemies that can harm him. Reaching the finish flag signifies the end of the zone, and the player is moved to the next area. To defeat enemies and Dr. Robotnik, Sonic simply needs to jump and hit the target while in a ball. Simply pushing the space bar and moving in the direction of the enemy will cause them damage or defeat them entirely.

The player can also choose which strength to focus on in each zone to bring in bonus points for the level. For those who enjoy fast game play, a bonus is rewarded based on how quickly you can make it through each zone. For a more leisurely experience, users can focus on collecting as many rings as possible. This will also provide bonus points at the end of each zone. The player can choose his own Sonic gaming experience by focusing on either speed or rings. For even more of a challenge, the player can combine the two! This game also features time trials, where the player can select a specific zone and try to complete it as fast as possible. The game saves your previous records along with which character you were playing with.

Most important to all Sonic the Hedgehog games is the captivating storyline. The story remains similar in almost all games in the series, and this game is no different. Sonic is pitted against his arch nemesis Dr. Robotnik and the player must defeat the evil Eggman before he can succeed with his evil plot. Sonic’s friends join in the fight each contributing their own unique skill. Tails, featured in this game, can fly for brief periods of time. Knuckles is a red echidna known for his strength. Cream, a more modern character, is a rabbit who can use her ears to fly for brief periods as well. Together, the team will take down Dr. Robotnik and restore peace.

Originally, Sonic the Hedgehog was released in 1991. At the time, it was the fastest game available on the market. Sonic himself is recognized for his lightening speed, and his skill is highlighted throughout the entire Sonic series. This game mimics the original classic Sonic the Hedgehog game, incorporating similar acts and stages, identical game controls, and of course including the theme of all Sonic games which is to defeat Dr. Robotnik. The acts and stages Sonic must pass through are set up identically to the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. Sonic must first pass through two acts collecting rings, avoiding enemies, and making it to the finish line as soon as possible. The third act in a zone is the boss battle against Dr. Robotnik. Boss battles and zones typically increase in difficulty as the game goes forward. Another similar aspect of the games is the collection of rings to protect Sonic from damage. The player collects the rings, and when hit by an enemy or deathtrap, the rings will be lost. When Sonic no longer has any rings, the next damage he takes will result in the player losing a life and restarting the zone. When Sonic no longer has any lives, the player must return to the beginning of the game. Additionally, this game includes the theme present in every Sonic the Hedgehog game that has been released since 1991. All Sonic games pit Sonic against the Evil Dr. Robotnik, who is usually scheming to take over the planet. It is Sonic’s mission to stop him and restore peace.

There are also many glaring differences between the original Sonic game, and the one presented here. Most obvious, the zones and acts are not identical to the originals. Game play is a bit more challenging, as these acts seem to be designed to be difficult. For example, as Sonic is sprinting across a zone, he hits a spring and is launched into a deathtrap of spikes that are not easy to avoid. Generally, in the first game, speed was rewarded and deathtraps were easier to avoid. Originally, the player only had the choice to play as the main character Sonic. This game, however, gives you the option of choosing between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream. Most Sonic games also include the seven Chaos Emeralds that Sonic must collect as an additional challenge to the game. In the series when Sonic collects all of the Emeralds the final ending may be different, or you may be able to become super Sonic. This game does not offer the player the additional special zones which allow you to collect the emeralds.

Overall, this game will provide you with a fantastic gaming experience. The controls are simple and easy, the game play is just as straightforward, and the storyline is captivating and exciting as Sonic races forward to foil the evil Dr. Robotnik’s plans. Classic Sonic fans and new players alike will enjoy this fantastic gaming experience.


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