[mrgreen] Who says monsters are always scary? Perhaps it depends on how you come across the monsters. If you pull up the right combination of creatures on the So Many Monsters Slot machine, you are not exactly going to be annoyed at their presence. Rather, you are going to be pretty thrilled about the money you end up winning. At the very least, you may get some free spins that could put you on the path to walking away a big winner.

so_many_monsters_slot_machineHonestly, So Many Monsters is more likely to give you a chuckle than frights. The creatures depicted on the slots are funny and charming. More importantly, they set the stage for your ability to play a fun, pop culture-themed slot game that could deliver huge payoffs.

First, there are 25 reels and five lines. That alone might make you interested in giving the game a slot a try. With so many different combos that can turn up, the chances of winning get a boost. And this is what you want in the end, right?

The coin values are in the 0.01-1.00 range and this includes dollars, pounds, and Euros. No matter what currency you are wagering in, you are going to be thrilled there are free spins and bonus rounds associated with the slot. These added benefits definitely increase your potential to walk away a winner. Call up the Blue Monster, for example, and you end up with 16 free spins.

Your maximum bet is $500 and, while this is not the highest wager available in relation to all the other slot machines out there, the number is decent enough that you can hit a nice jackpot.

By the way, upon placing a bet of 20 coins per line, you open a portal to a major jackpot. That jackpot is well in the 300,000+ coin range. The odds might not be easy to hit that jackpot but, if you do hit it, your life may end up changing for the better.

Playing the game is really easy on the eyes, too. The graphics and software is top of the line. So, if you choose to spend quite a few hours sitting in front of the screen playing, you won’t have to suffer miserable eyestrain as a result.

Try out this great slot machine game. You will not be disappointed. As far as really great graphics and payoffs go, this is a tough game to top.

So Many Monsters Slot
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