[miau] There are a lot of different companies competing for your business in the online gambling industry. Some of these companies burst onto the scene with a good offering but ultimately fizzle out, while others, like Playtech and Microgaming, position themselves as giants in the marketplace. Others still, like Wagerworks, carve out an impressive niche by releasing top-shelf games on a regular basis. One of Wagerworks’ newest additions to the pool is Siberian Storm, an online video slot machine that offers a ridiculous number of ways to win, along with some good graphics and cool bonus features.

siberian_storm_slot_machineSiberian Storm Slots Features

Siberian Storm isn’t simply any old slot machine. Sure, it doesn’t operate that differently from any other fruit-style machine you would find on the market. Where Siberian Storm separates itself from the pack is in its payout structure. A basic 5-reel machine, Siberian Storm has a whopping 720 paylines, meaning that practically any combination you hit is going to pay off in some fashion. And while most of these payouts are on the slim side, there are some potential big wins to be had with this slot machine.

One of the first things you might notice about this slot machine is that it has a very frosty, Tundra-like look and feel about it. You may also notice that the reels are set up in an odd fashion. Rather than lining up like traditional reels, Siberian Storm has a hexagonal shape that makes the game really fun, if only because you’re constantly looking to see what types of patterns you’re creating with the symbols.

Apart from its scatters and multipliers, Siberian Storm also features a cool stacked wilds feature, which will end up paying off some big money. The bonus round involves 8 free initial spins that are often backed up with plenty of extra free spins earned during the initial phase.

Siberian Storm Slots Betting Options

With 720 paylines, Siberian Storm could offer more ways to bet. As it stands, however, there are only a few ways to bet. You cannot bet on all lines. Though if you could, that would end up being a lot of money risked. And since the max jackpot of the machine is only $3,000, Siberian Storm stays in the low to mid-level category, and not the high-roller category. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but being such a popular game, some people may want to risk more money.

Siberian Storm Slots Conclusion

There isn’t a whole lot to be said about Siberian Storm’s theme. It’s basically a winter-based theme. Overall, however, the graphics are good, the bonus spins come up rather easily, and the 720 paylines give users a ton of different winning combinations that end up paying out at a rate well over 95%. That’s a good day of gaming for most.

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