[mrgreen] The Scary Friends Slot machine game is a Rabcat software monster theme slot standard of the millions of games everywhere that are just like it. While in some countries you can play the game for real currency, that single feature isn’t available in the United States. The graphics of the game really are amazing. The animation and sound and all the display options really is astounding, and unlike any other slot game you’ll have played before. While the idea isn’t too original, everything else, including the monster theme, really makes it stand out from the rest. It also includes features such as a wild, 25 pay lines, free spins, and a pick-em bonus.

scary_friends_slot_machineBesides the amazing animation, there is a smooth display of the slots that will make it not-so-standard from the other slot games, and will in turn most definitely want to make you play it more. All the bonuses depend on where they are placed within the game. There will be at least three (or more) free spins icons that will allow 5 to 14 free spins to be triggered within the game. Bonus symbols ranging from 3 and up will allow the bonus feature to appear, and this is where the monster theme continues to kick in – a monster will join in on the race!

Learning how to play Scary Friends isn’t exactly complicated; the buttons are placed at the bottom of the slot, and are perfectly placed. They can easily be overlooked if you’re not focused, since they’re so strategically placed. You’ll see familiar words like ‘Bet’, ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Gamble’ that will sure to be able to point you in the right direction. Once you see these words, you’ll know how to control the slot machine itself. You will have to set your lines before hitting the button that will allow you to spin, and the coin denomination will allow you to get your total bet. If you win, you have the option to gamble. If you’re a high roller, you will have the option to click the ‘Max Bet’ button.

Like stated before, there are millions of games just like this one out on the internet. This game has great rewards to those who do play it, and it by all means is not a bad game at all. The monster theme is easy to enjoy and it makes playing the slots less of a serious matter over all, and a bit more enjoyable as well. The monsters by all means are not the scary kind (as if they were as scary as losing all your bets), but the nice, fluffy kind that seem almost inviting. It has great graphics, visual displays, and sounds, and it’s an easy to use game that won’t keep you stumped, but yet preoccupied with game play time.

Scary Friends Slot
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