A safari is one of those wild adventurous trips that everyone dreams of going on. It’s the thrill of going off in search of the wildest animals in the world, that’s the excitement many of us look for. But you don’t have to go on a real safari to get to experience the thrill.

You can experience a safari from the comfort of your home, and probably have a better time too. So whenever you’re ready to track off in the wild searching for that wild animal adventure, just head over to the Safari Sam online slots game. If you are courageous enough to handle the danger, you are in for some very exciting rewards.

The Safari Sam Experience

So what makes Safari Sam so exciting? It’s the thrill, the graphics and the constant change. This game draws you into a fabulous graphical experience, a story-like experience that keeps you playing for hours. With this type of excitement you won’t ever get bored of the game play.

Safari Sam does not disappoint and you’ll find a great presentation here. This is a game that is colorful and exciting, and that’s the first thing you’ll notice when you initiate the play in this game. The graphics and the fast game playing pace is the first thing you’ll notice here. This is one of those games that offer the best gaming experience. It is fun, playful, offers great music which take you through the spins.

Safari Sam offers more than just a beautiful presentation though; it also offers a game that offers the opportunity to win more money than other more traditional slot games. This is because of the large number of features. These features are what keep the game interesting all the time. The first of these interesting features is the wild animal spins. This is an extra bonus that comes along when you get the gorilla, monkey, Zebra and ape symbols.

Choose one of these to be your wild symbol or a multiplier during a free spin.
There are also other great wilds on hand which quickly add to your winnings and give you up to 10 times more than you’d otherwise get. Then if you get three or more Safari Sam’s on a payline you can get a pick’em bonus game that gives you more random prizes.

Adventure, Adventure, That’s What It’s all About

Safari Sam is really for the adventurous type, the person who always wants to go out into the wild and see all the wonderful animals. With Safari SA, BestSoft gaming really brings the African safari to life. It offers danger and rewards in a super-rich graphical experience. This is a game that will keep you fascinated for hours on end. Right from the beginning you know this is a game that is entertaining.

Key Features of the Safari Sam slots Game

This slots game offers a 30-payline with 5 reels and 3D video segments. It has rich and colorful grafics and offers many different features and bonuses. Plus, it’s not just entertaining but also lucrative. The highest payout here is as much as $12,500.

Best of all it is an online game so it doesn’t require a lot of memory. Yu can simply play from your browser or on a mobile compatible device.

Safari Sam is actually a new type of online slot game known as the 3D slots. This type of game offers 3D images that pop and burst with vibrant colors. The main character is Sam the hunter and Jane who have a Safari Jeep. There are also a number of safari animals such as lions, gorilla, zebra and monkeys, all gorgeously designed in a 3D fashion. These are cartoon like characters that jump out at you and come to life when you win. The cute characters work well with the overall game theme, and the audience that cheers you on in the sidelines keeps you motivated.

The Betting Options

The betting options in Safari Sam are many. You can play the free game just to get your feet wet or you can make bets that range from between $0.02 to $1. Your choice of bet depends on th number of paylines and the amount of coins you bet per line. If you are a risky player you can even max out your bet and play up to $150 per spin.

The Game Play

To accompany Safari Sam on a hunt you first need to choose the number of paylines you want. Then choose the number of credits to bet per line. You’ll also need to choose the bet denomination and then you can spin. In case of a win, you can choose to gamble any amount of your winnings by pushing the “Double up” button.
Bonus Rounds

One of the big pluses here on Safari Sam are the huge number of bonus rounds. The wild animal free spins are so much fun and these always trigger a bonus when you choose one to be your wild symbol. Its here that any winnings you make will double.

Ad if the binocular symbols appear you can win up to an additional 4,500 coins. Throughout the game there are random wilds that can offer you more fantastic wins, some multiplying a win by as much as 10 times.
Additionally, if a payline comes up with three Safari Sams you get a special bonus game that allows you to randomly collect prizes.

Safari Sam Slot
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