[miau] Come into the fabulous world of Roman Chariots Slot machine, and re-live the olden days, when chariots were the way to get around. When the game begins, you can hear the horses in the background, and it sounds just like chariots are being raced. This game will automatically lay out for you, what benefits it has, before you even continue on to the reels. The wheel symbol is a bonus, the man on a chariot is the wild, and the trumpet symbol, is the spin. If you’re lucky enough to get a full stack of the wilds, you can go on to receive incredible wins.

roman_chariots_slot_machineWhile in the free spins bonus, you can also stack your multipliers, without the reset symbol appearing within the reels. The likeliness of winning big in this game, is all the more prevalent, with the free spins, multipliers, and the wilds. Some of the symbols that you’ll see in this game are horses, two crossed swords, a helmet, letters, numbers, a shield, a trumpet, and more. There are five-reels, and 20 pay lines. Your bet amount starts at $.20, and can go all the way up to $10. Instead of upping your bet, it multiplies your bet, up to the $10.

Unfortunately, this is a game that does not have the auto-play feature, which usually allows you to play the game on autopilot, but with all the fun the game has to offer, you may not mind this feature being absent. The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol in the game, except for the spin symbols. If you get a spin symbol, there are other spin symbols as well, such as spin2x’s, spin3x’s, and spin5x’s. These spin symbols, including the reset symbol, will only appear on the fifth reel.

The highest paying symbol is the horse, that is if you don’t get a wild symbol. The next highest paying symbol is the Caesar symbol, and after that is the helmet, then the other symbols pay less if you win them in any combination. Get two of the bonus symbols, the ones that look like a wheel, and you get eight free spins, as well as 2x’s multipliers. If you happen to get this bonus, the money can stack up fairly quickly, allowing you to walk away with some real cash. If you’re in the free spin, a different set of reels is used for the main set of reels.

The winning combinations that you’ll get in the free spin bonus, is identical to those that you would get inside the base game, except the fact that the reset symbol doesn’t appear anywhere on the main reels. Whatever spin triggered the bonus, the multiplier will remain exactly the same during the free game. Any scatter plays that you may get, they are then multiplied by the amount that you are currently betting.

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