[miau] For high-flying video-slot fun, spin the reels of Red Baron.

Who Makes this Slot Machine?

The video-slot specialists at Aristocrat Software created this game.

red_baron_slot_machineWhat Are this Machine’s Reel and Pay-Line Details?

Red Baron spins across five reels and gives the player 25 pay lines.

What Symbols Are on this Slot Machine’s Reels?

This game offers images that minimally glorify World War I. The images on the game’s standard spots include:

  • A photo of the Red Baron
  • The Red Baron’s biplane
  • A woman gazing at the sky
  • A zeppelin
  • A dog with its head titled
  • An antique radio
  • The king from a deck of cards
  • The queen
  • The jack
  • A “10”
  • A “9”

All of the symbols on the above list make up this game’s “regular” spots. For fun and excitement, check out Red Baron’s special features.

Does this Slot Machine Offer Wild Symbols, “Scatters” or Other Special Features?

Red Baron has multiple special features. This game’s wild spot has a military medal on it. Like most video slots, Red Baron’s wild symbol can substitute for any regular symbol and create winning combinations. Unlike most video slots, Red Baron’s wild symbol can also substitute for the game’s “scatter” symbol.

Red Baron has a “scatter” symbol that looks like a target. When three scatter targets appear on any pay line, the player gets to play a special mode.

In the special mode, the player goes on a “mission”. The game allows the player to choose one of five missions. Each mission awards the player a bonus for collecting a certain number of biplane symbols over a series of free spins. Of course, the mission with the highest goal offers the biggest potential payoff.

What Is this Machine’s Top Prize?

Playing Red Baron, a person can win as much as 1,500 credits on one spin.

How Does a Player Win the Top Prize?

When five symbols with the Red Baron’s picture land on one pay line, the player wins the top prize.

Does this Slot Machine Offer a Unique Playing Experience?

Other machines have more features, bells and whistles, but no other slot machine can induce the player to imagine the life of a flying ace in World War I like Red Baron.

Is this a Fun Slot Machine?

This game creates an exciting fantasy that does not excessively glorify war.

Red Baron Slot
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