Take a journey through the Rain Forest with a highly flirtatious mongoose as your guide! Boasting 80 levels that increase in difficulty as you journey on, Rainforest Solitaire is a highly addictive variant of the long enjoyed card game Solitaire. Enjoy the beautiful, serene landscape backgrounds and adorably illustrated wildlife card deck. The deck cards show only the suit and the face value, Excluding the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards. Joining on your adventure are the Rain Forest inhabitants whose likeness grace those cards. A tough, veggie munching rabbit as the Jack. A sassy hippopotamus with a bejeweled outfit is displayed on the Queen card. The King of the Jungle himself, the Lion is on the King card. And a cunning cobra has posed for the Ace card. The journey starts with a trail of the first 20 levels leading through the first landscape. Select the first level on the first map and get started on your adventure!

At the beginning of your first level, your mongoose friend walks you through game play and the rules of the game. This super user friendly game, is as fun as it is beautiful.
At the bottom of the screen, the deck will remain face down with one card set aside face up making up the Foundation. The Foundation is the deck card whose face value needs to be combined with in order to start clearing the layout. Game play starts when some of the creatively animated deck is shuffled across the Level Playing Field, creating a layout unique to each level. Cards are face down except for the top most cards, who display there face value.

The game is played by making combinations with the Foundation card. Combinations are made by selecting a card on the Playing Field whose face value is 1 lower or 1 higher than the face value of the Foundation card. Unlike other card games, suit or suit color are not pertinent to game play in Rainforest Solitaire. Once a combination is made the card is cleared from the layout revealing the face value of the cards lying underneath it. Cards will not reveal their face value until all the cards on top of them are cleared off. For example, if a card has two cards side by side on top of it and one is cleared, the card will not show its face value until the other is cleared and the card can be flipped over.

If there are no face values that can create combinations with the Foundation card, click the deck until a combination can be made. The one exception to this is if the player has acquired a Joker card. Jokers can be combined with a card of any face value. Jokers are attained after a few successful combinations are made. Jokers can be accumulated and do not have to be used right away. The Joker card will appear at the lower left of the screen and a number will appear on its lower right corner informing the player how many are available. Jokers allow for faster game play and using less of the deck cards. Which in turn allows the player to accumulate more points that go towards the final score.

Made a mistake, no problem, just push the undo button and try again. Rainforest Solitaire only allows for the undo button to be pushed once after each turn. So the player needs to be aware that they cannot go back after a couple of moves have been made after a mistake. If this is the case, they must try to pass the level with a different approach then the one they were originally attempting. Just make sure to work quickly as points are accumulated by how quickly combinations are made. The time it takes to clear a layout is taken into account for point accumulation, so the game provides a Pause button in case of any interruptions experienced during game play. Once the Playing Field is cleared completely, the level is won and the player is credited points for the remaining cards in the deck. Point accumulation can be the difference between a 1 and 3 star victory rating. On the trail of levels, the players attained star rating for each level is displayed under the level button.

As the player journeys on, each level gets more difficult. Rainforest Solitaire is for the online gamer who enjoys playing games that are based more on skill than luck. Truly a test of skill, the player must clear each level with the cards shuffled differently every time. If the player is playing a level and exits that level, the players progress is not saved and must start the level again. The deck cards will be shuffled differently and the card values that were shown originally will not be what is shown after re-entering the level. Skill is tested as each levels layouts are unique to that level, not allowing for preparation of gaming tactic. Even the number of deck cards in the layout and deck differ between levels. The player has to assimilate to the amount of deck cards it has to work and come up with a level strategy quickly in order to most quickly clear the Playing Field while using the least amount of cards from the deck.

Challenging, fun, and exciting, Rainforest Solitaire is sure to become a highly rated online game play title on . Enjoyable due to its user friendly and visually beautiful game play, Rainforest Solitaire is definitely an ideal addition to any online gamer’s list of favorite titles. Try it for yourself and with nothing to lose! Critic.net now anyone can play this exciting game for FREE! Rainforest Solitaire is available for free game play at Critic.net. Critic.net provides free online game play of so many new and long enjoyed online games. Exposing online gamers to a vast array of amazing games that they can try without the worry of buyers guilt or playing poor performing and illustrated games.


Rainforest Solitaire Game
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