[miau] Williams Interactive is one of the best-known creators of slot games and a great deal of their success can be attributed to the fact that they make fun and inventive titles. One of the best is “Raging Rhino,” a slot game with a clever wildlife theme.

raging_rhino_slot_machineThe standard reel symbols include Ten, Jack, Queen, King & Ace, along with the Jaguar and Rhino. Getting six Rhinos in a row is the highest paying reel and it is worth even more when players use higher stake amounts. There are also a limited number of Diamond reel symbols, which are the game’s bonus symbols. Hitting one or more of those along with a combination of other reel symbols can give players a higher bonus payout. Hitting one or more of the diamonds also awards the player one or more free spins, depending on the identity and location of other reel symbols.

Hitting three diamond symbols gives you eight free spins, 4 gives you 15 free spins, five gets you twenty free spins and six delivers fifty free spins.

Raging Rhino also has a jackpot reel symbol – the Serengeti sunset – and hitting that also boosts the winnings for the player. The amount of the jackpot depends on the combination of other symbols there are hit in the same pull. Generally, hitting the jackpot pays a 2 or 3 times winnings bonus, which can really add up quickly.

One feature the game doesn’t have are any bonus games. But that’s not a problem for many serious players, who consider bonus games a bit childish.

The game includes six reels and if a player uses at least 40 coins of tokens, it gives them an amazing 4,096 chance to win. The wide range of possibilities is one of the reasons that Williams says players receive a large payout of about 96% of all money played.

If you’ve played a lot of slots, “Raging Rhino” will remind you a lot of an amped-up “Zeus III,” which took the industry by storm when it was released. “Rhino” has much of the same gameplay, but the winnings and possible free spins really take the action to a new level.

While “Raging Rhino” offers some chance to score a massive win, the number of reels makes it a very volatile game to play. While some slots mostly deliver small little wins that keep customers motivated, this slot offers up a lot of close calls that don’t result in any type of win. The upside is that when you do when at this slot, you tend to win very big. The top end is limited to 250,000 and its easy to see how someone could at least get close to that with a bit of luck and timing.

“Raging Rhino” began its life in the Las Vegas casinos before moving online and maybe that’s the reason why the game seems so determined to provide not just the chance to win big, but a lot of entertainment along the way. It’s a fun game to play and with the myriad of ways to win, it’s also a slot with the chance to win very big.

The Serengeti can be an exciting place. Whether you’re experiencing it in real life or just thanks to this very intense slot.

Raging Rhino Slot
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