Cherries, lucky number sevens, and bells step aside! Puppies have taken over in this online casino game. I have never been much of a gambler. However, when a game is made this easy to follow, it makes me want to start! Puppy Love was a bright, cheery, and easy game to follow. It had minimal system glitches as well.

The main screen where you spin has a very nice and simple to follow layout. This came in handy for me since I am the type of person that doesn’t typically spend a lot of time gambling. I was able to easily figure it out. There are three rows each with five icons. The icons vary from a dog bowl, to bones, to a nice array of puppies. The very bottom of the game is where you find all the important information. Here balance, credit, bet, and win are listed in a white font on a black background. I would have liked these words to be just a little bit bigger. It took me a while to find what my balance was. I think that’s one of the more important pieces of information that people look for when playing this game and therefore it should pop a little bit more so people can find it.

The animation on this game is absolutely delightful! The letters that spell out Puppy Love are animated, bubbly, and fun. The dogs are adorable and enough to keep anyone spinning to see more! I loved that each dog had a particular expression which almost seemed to give them their own unique personality. Some look up with big eyes. Some look down with sad eyes. There are happy dogs, sad dogs, and excited dogs. No matter what the type though, they do keep you wanting to spin to see more and more! The designers did an excellent job. You can tell that a lot of time was spent on this, and that the animators took perfection to heart. I really do love that not all of the dogs are the same. That would have caused this game to get boring quick. I was never bored because this game is filled with surprises.

The surprises come when you win! Talk about something I wasn’t expecting! The first time that I got lucky in this game, I lined up four of the light brown dogs with the floppy ears. I was treated to a little screen that popped up, showing this delightful pooch playing with a ball. For an animal lover like me, it was way too cute. It made me want to keep spinning to see what the other dogs would do! This game is definitely for the dog lover. I would recommend it for anyone that wants a typical change from the normal slot machine layout. This game is fun. It’s cute. Even though gambling is for the 21 and older crowd at casino, I see nothing wrong with letting someone a little younger watch along as you play this one. The puppies are fun for all ages, and I think that’s the biggest appeal! I’ve never seen a casino game that could draw in such an age varied crowd before. I think this is it!

This is because sometimes the game does not feel like you’re gambling. This is a good thing for me, because I am not the typical gambler. I normally do not find it an enjoyable past time, but this game did it’s job in keeping me entertained. Although I didn’t know entirely what I was doing, I still had fun. I just spun the wheels, and watched the pups. That is enough to keep it fun for me! A more seasoned gambler would also love this game, because they would know just how many credits is successful and such.

The game is easy enough to follow, especially for a newcomer like me! At the bottom where it normally says. The middle section at the bottom of the game is where your important messages flash. Once you win, it will tell you what line and how much. For example, the game just told me “Line 16 paid 25.” It then said “You win 25 credits.” I’m very glad that this game takes the guesswork out for you, and tells you exactly which line you won at!

I had only a few minor technical glitches with this game. After playing for about five minutes, I hit the maximum spin bet. After I did this, the slots just kept spinning and spinning for about a minute. It was a little longer then I would have expected to wait for a spin. It eventually stopped though, and I was able to continue. This happened about three times during my half an hour of play time.

I also had to refresh the game once because I received this message – “You are disconnected from the server due to excessive delay.” Afterwards, I was able to continue with no problem. However, I lost where I was in my previous game and I had to start all over with the thousand coins that are provided to you at the start.

Overall I give this game a positive rating. I had decided to originally play for 15 minutes, but I kept going. This is because I was so anxious to see what would happen if I struck it big! I never found out though, but I do know that when I have some extra time that this is the game I will be turning too. I’m walking away with a smaller balance then I started with but that’s okay. The puppies are the real winners in this game!

Puppy Love Slot
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