Privacy Policy takes your privacy rights very seriously. We want you to feel comfortable using this website to find reviews of all online sports betting games. This privacy policy states how personal identification information may be collected on this site. The term “data” refers to personal identification information. As with many websites, personal information and data is collected for different reasons. The policy does not apply to any other entities that are owned or controlled by nor to any persons who are not agents or employees of our site. You should take the time to read this privacy policy.

1. Collecting Data

You are not required to provide any information to us in order to use the site. You do not have to register or give us an email address to browse any part of Any information that provide in the comments is your own choice to do so. We are not responsible for any information that you provide that may personally identify you to the public, nor are we responsible for unintentional collection of your information from the intrusion of a third party. Like other web sites, we may receive server log files as you browse our site including your IP address and cookie information.

2. Use of Data

Data may be used to improve and personalize your experience on We do make efforts to prevent your data from being made to third parties unless your consent is obtained first like when you opt-in to share your data, a service on requires interaction such as an application or if law enforcement or legal action requires your information to be shared. Legal action may be taken if you use this site in violation of this policy, terms and conditions or if you violate legal rights and property. If this site is purchased by a third party, that third party must use any data according to this policy only. Some ways that we may use your personal information include:

  • Providing you with services and customer support
  • Marketing products and services of use to you
  • Responding to requests, resolving any disputes or to troubleshoot problems with our site
  • Improve the quality of our services to you
  • Communicate with you about new reviews and services on

If you have issues with our privacy policy or want to know more, you can immediately contact us. We take great care to answer all of our visitor’s questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Controlling Your Information
If you decide to post reviews or leave comments on, then you give other users the ability to identify you and your data. is not responsible if location-based information, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or other public content is shared if you decide to post a comment and are unable to control the identity of your information.

Please also note that comments you leave on can be moderated and removed. We also do not have any control if your comments are published on other sites or as testimonials for different online gaming software.

3. Cookies

Like other web sites today, sets and uses cookies in order to create a better user experience such as maintaining your personal settings. Advertisements may appear on this site and if so, they may set and access cookies held on your computer. These cookies are also subject to any privacy policies that are being used by the third parties of those advertisements. However, any parties advertising through do not have access to cookies on this site. Third parties typically use anonymous codes to obtain information about what sites you visit while online. To find out more about how cookies work, you can visit Network Advertising Initiative and also receive options to preventing sites from using cookies.

4. Minors

Our services are not directed towards any individuals who are children or considered minors. We do not knowingly obtain any personal information from individuals who are under the age of 18. No part of our services is designed to attract visitors who are minors. Any visitors ages thirteen or younger are not allowed to register with this site or use the information on this site. For more information on our age policy, you contact the webmaster of If you become aware that a child has given us any personal information or has used the information on without parental consent, then please contact us immediately.

5. Subscriber Policy

If you wish to subscribe to, you are opting into our subscription service and your email will be added to our subscriber list. Once you subscribe, you will receive weekly emails with exclusive promotions and deals from Online Bookmakers and Online Casino Websites affiliated with You can always unsubscribe to these emails by clicking “unsubscribe” in any email message that you receive from We fully comply with ICANN policies and do not partake in any spam practices. Furthermore, your email is kept private to and its affiliates. By opting in to our email subscription, you give and third parties permission to share your email address.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy reserves the right to change this policy and terms and conditions for the site at any time. You will be notified of these changes through a public announcement on the site or through an email message if you have subscribed to our service. Any changes that we make to should be read before you continue to browse our site.

7. No Guarantees

While this privacy policy does give standards for how data may be used and efforts will be made to prevent data from being used outside of the standards listed here, and its employees are not in a position to guarantee absolute compliance with these standards. There are always factors beyond a site master’s control that can result in the unintentional disclosure of identification and data. Consequently, can give no representations or warranties as to the nondisclosure or maintenance of data.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or about the sharing of personal information with third parties, then you can contact us directly. We gladly respond to any requests for information and will provide you with support so that you can browse comfortably.

If you are a California resident, then you may request and obtain a report once a year, free of charge that includes information about how your personal information was disclosed if we chose to do so. This report will include information that has a list of categories of personal information that was shared including names and addresses of third parties who received your shared information in the preceding calendar year. You can contact us for more information on where to send your request.

This privacy policy was last updated on July 8th, 2014.

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