In this action-packed superhero adventure game, the wicked Dr. Mercer has trapped Tommy Oliver, one of the Power Rangers. It’s up to the other Power Rangers to save their friend. However, Dr. Mercer has set up his guards to protect him, because he knows the Power Rangers will be coming for their friend. Each Power Ranger has a special skill, and those skills must be used precisely to get through the levels and get past Dr. Mercer’s guards.

It’s important to keep track of each Ranger’s special power. Ethan James, the blue Ranger, uses a super shield that blocks fire. Red Ranger Conner McKnight’s super strength gives him the capability of moving large barriers. Kira Ford, the yellow Ranger, uses her sonic scream to destroy concrete walls and bricks.

Make yourself familiar with the different controls to play the game. The left and right arrows move your Ranger to the right or the left. Use the up arrow to jump into the air. If you need to crouch to avoid an obstacle, press the down arrow. The space bar makes the selected Power Ranger use ninja moves against the opponent, while holding down the up arrow and spacebar at the same time lets you attack rivals in midair.

The Ctrl key allows you to switch between the different Rangers so you can use the appropriate Power Ranger for the challenge at hand. When you press and hold the X key, you can apply the selected Ranger’s special power.

You’ll lose strength, power and, ultimately, your life if you get attacked by an opponent. The circular icon with a golden crown and a blue outline will restore your power, and the icon that looks like a white Power Ranger’s helmet will give you an extra life. Collect the bright white and orange four-pointed star to get bonus points. The red six-pointed star with a black outline helps you maintain your strength. With no strength, the Power Ranger can’t go on and the game will end.

Use the Z key to begin dino thunder power play mode. In power play mode, you’ll be able to defeat enemies you otherwise can’t reach.

The game begins with one of Dr. Mercer’s guard protecting a biohazard zone. It takes several attacks to defeat the guards, but it’s not hard to overpower them. Jump and kick at the guard standing above you and dodge the laser as you use your ninja moves on the guard on the bottom level.

You’ll notice levers in different areas of the game. These levels usually change something in the game to make it more accessible or allow you to reach an area you couldn’t reach previously. To pull the levers, use your ninja moves either while standing or jumping.

If you have defeated all of the guards on a particular level and nothing is changing, you might need to use a special power. Large, greenish bricks can be moved with the red Power Ranger’s abilities. Bricks on buildings that appear cracked can be broken with the yellow Power Ranger’s skills to reveal your next move.

As you progress from level to level, the screen will shift. In order to make that happen, you may need to move the Ranger up, all the way to the left or completely to the right.

Don’t forget to collect the boosters to keep your Ranger alive. Be careful and look out for danger. Use Ethan’s shield to block flames and avoid electrical wires. Even a long jump can sap some of your strength. In some areas, falling off of a building or ledge can plunge you to your death.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Game
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