Ever sit on the couch wishing you could find your old Game Boy Advanced, dust that baby off and have a go at being a Pokemon Master again? Well we have made that dream a reality my friend, except its on a larger screen and no need for new batteries. We have taken the classic, nostalgia filled game that created a new breed of gaming heros and brought it back for your playing pleasure. Instead of searching Ebay for that one seller that hasn’t jacked up the price of Pokemon Red by ten fold and risking the sadness of being outbid by someone else longing to relive their favorite game, come over to us, we have what you want.

We have taken every glorious aspect of the first generation Pokemon games to create a fun, interactive computer version for you, free of cost. Join always helpful Professor Oak and revisit the gut-wrenching decision between your favorite starter Pokemon to begin your fun-filled adventure. As always, Gary is full of sass but you can show him who the real Pokemon Master is, you just need some time! There are a few differences between our game and the original, but we have kept it simple and to the point. After choosing your starter we give you quick, detailed directions on how to play our game. We also know it’s a hard choice between Red and Blue, almost igniting a civil war between gamers. So we asked decided not to choose sides nor will we make you! With our multi-profile option you can switch between both games to your heart’s desire and avoid all that anxiety of choosing a side.

As all games go, the first level after choosing your Pokemon may take a few tries to beat but our version gives your Pokemon the chance to battle multiple enemies at the same time. The increased battle helps level up your Pokemon without having you endure the aneurism inducing boredom of tackling Rattata for two hours straight. When your Pokemon is ready to level up, it will flash an angry red and with one click your Pokemon will increase it’s level. We feel that this process is a lot easier on the eyes instead of watching a dull green bar inch its way up at the speed of paint drying.

After helping a boy named Joey in the first level he becomes your unrelenting travel buddy, bent to revenge his Pidgey that was hypnotized by two handsome strangers on the road. With him battling mind controlled Pokemon trying to steal Prof. Oak’s rare candy, it’s easier to catch the lower level Pokemon while having your started gain experience. Unlike the traditional games, we don’t play with anyone’s hearts when it comes to catching Pokemon. There is no wave of sadness and shame after watching a Pokemon you thought you caught wriggle free from it’s pokeball to taunt you before running off. In our game you can only catch Pokemon with a red bar, so close to fainting they can’t find off the large pokeball on your right that you drag and drop over them. Once the pokeball is open you release your mouse and viola, you’ve caught yourself a new friend.

The earlier you catch more Pokemon the easier beating the levels will be. Your friend Joey proves to be a little too sassy for a Beedrill that get’s in his face, so its up to you to guard the rare candy while being bombarded by Pokemon on each side. With battling multiple Pokemon comes a great need for strategy, your placement of Pokemon becomes a necessary tool in beating the levels. You can move your chosen Pokemon between square spaces highlighted in the grass, from there your Pokemon will use the attack you have chosen to defend the candy. If you’re working with multiple Pokemon you can place them in varied spots, but if you still only have your starter you need to move them so they can defeat all the enemies.

We have also brought the element of surprise that plagues Red and Blue, like surprise you almost beat the level but that one Pikachu stole your candy and you failed. Faster Pokemon always pose a problem for some of the slower, lower leveled guys and the only way to beat them is to slow them down. When you click on your Pokemon’s icon at the bottom of your screen it gives you the list of attacks it knows. You can choose one that slows the guys down then once they’re good and stuck, switch just as quickly and knock them out with a special attack.

The final show down at the gym shows just how important it is to give lower level Pokemon a try. An appearance by a special guest as they guide you to the gym drops you so hard you let go of your starter Pokemon and are stuck using your other friends you’ve gathered alone the way. As tradition states, the level of Pokemon in the first few forest levels are not that close to a gym leader’s, so take your time and fight those candy stealing Pokemon as much as you can to avoid the embarrassment of being defeated by you know who. Since we believe in teamwork we have made it so your Pokemon will battle as a team, so watch each one carefully and move them as much as you can around the battlefield to defeat your enemies faster.

We have kept all of the 2D greatness of the game along with the classical music that is sure to pump you up before you go into battle. The graphics are pixelated magic, sent to take you back in time to a simpler, less 3D version of gaming. All one hundred and fifty original Pokemon are included in our game along with old friends like Nurse Joy and all those bug catchers that love a good battle. Become the Pokemaster you know you are.


Pokemon Game
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