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For new players

First, when you’re choosing which game you want to play, please keep in mind that you have a choice between 1 and thousand of reels. Players are able to enjoy classic slots, pub fruity slots, video slots,3d slots and progressive slots. How many reels you have determines the probability of a winning combination. You also want to pay attention to the number of pay lines. Pay lines also determine what you need to have for a winning combination. The next most important thing is the MONEY.

How much can you bet?

The more coins you wager, the bigger the payout will be. There are nickel, dime, quarter, and even dollar games, so pick how big you want your wallet to be and play on. You also want to consider payout rates and payout frequency. How affordable is your slots game?

Once you’ve selected your game you must first select your bet. If the game has multiple play lines, choose how many you want to play. Then “pull the old bar,” or since you’re playing online click the “spin” button. Now you’re going to be looking out for the old pay table. This contains every possible combination for a win in the game; pay attention! This is where the big money comes from honey, so learn your pay table well. You need to know which symbols combine to give you that sweet, sweet cash.

Are you ready for a jackpot?
YE HAW! Now remember, if you’re playing progressive a portion of your wager goes into the eventual jackpot, so ante up.

Now, you’re play is actually based on a little something known as “RNGs,” or random number generators which are constantly generating a nice little sequence of simulated random numbers, at a rate of thousands of numbers per second. Whew! There’s no way to cheat the system, as these numbers won’t be affected no matter how much you bet, and they actually run even while you’re not playing. The most recent number after you hit “Play” is picked to determine the result. Once the jackpot is won, the numbers reset and you’re back to square one.

How online slots function?
Now, don’t let these RNGs complicate your slot play. Slots is one of the easiest, simplest games online to play. The rules are kept simple on purpose to entice more players to play. Slots are meant for entertainment. Still wondering how exactly to play? Read on. The games feature minimum or maximum bets per line and a number of pay lines that players can choose to play. Players can toggle the size of their wagers by toggling little arrow keys next to the bet amount. The game will have a minimum wager and a maximum wager for players. Then you choose between one and the maximum number of pay lines to play. Then just click “spin.” It’s that easy. Just remember, all bets are final. Wait for the rolling numbers and shapes to stop then…..bingo! That’s when you get your payout (if you’re lucky.) You want to hit combinations on those pay lines you activated earlier. Don’t worry though, you’ve got several “wild” symbols to help you complete those sought after combos. Here’s wishing you a “wild” evening!

Want to know a little more?

Slots have been called everything from fruit machine, to pokies, to the one-armed bandit. It was called that because in the old days in casinos all slots machine had an arm instead of a spin button, and they would take your money just like a bandit!

The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey and had heart, diamond, and spade symbols while today’s variety has everything from number to fruit. And that would be why they’re called fruit machines, aha! The fruit symbols weren’t added until 1907 and those were put on by a man named Herbert Mills. So we have Mr. Mills to thank for the tasty looking treats on our favorite game. Thank you Mills and Fey, we are eternally grateful for the eternally entertaining games you provided us. Now players, play on! And remember, the better the luck the bigger the payout, so go get your lucky charms and get started.



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