The Once Upon a Time Slot machine is a slot game that has five reels and three lines. However this slot machine has many line combinations with which to get paid and many money designations.

The graphics are very realistic in this slot machine; from the man that plays a bugle to the man who is a knight with a sword even the jewels look real. The food looks good enough to eat. The music that plays in the background throughout the time of play is a little foreboding and at times sounds very mischevious, just like the goblins. It has truly advanced from the old-fashioned three reel slot machines of the past years. Technology improvements have made this possible. This slot also has its share of wonderful animation. Even watching the introduction on the on the screen before the player even begins playing the slot. It invites the player to join and see how the goblins and every thing magical is intertwined inside this slot game

For instance, seeing a sword being pulled from the stone is mind-boggling. Even watching the goblins climb up the bookcase inside the castle to get the gold cups and shiny items.

Then seeing the dragon being hit with a catapult and the rock hitting him in the head and the way he falls and there are actually stars encircling his head and the birds can be heard.

Seeing the turkey being picked clean to the bone while the court is feasting and actually seeing the bones without any meat. these are all part of this exciting slot game.

The first bonus that was seen was the knight and princess bonus. This gives a number of credits. It is a different amount each time depending where they appear. They need to be side by side so that they may kiss, even thought there are many ways to win on the other reels and lines, In this way they are able to kiss. It is this kiss, which awards bonus points to the player. Every time this bonus appears it gives a different amount. It depends on which line they land. The amount also depends on how much of a wager has been placed.

The Knight bonus is another bonus on this slot and their needs to be three knights on a pay line and this gives the bonus. The knight has to save the princess from the Dragon. The dragon has her locked in a cage. The player needs to pick an item to fight the dragon. Either a piece of meat, a sword, or another one. He fights the dragon and gets him to run away thus the knight can save the princess and free her. For these efforts points are earned. For this bonus the sword was chosen and the Dragon ran away. The Knight saved the princess.

When this bonus came up again. the Princess is locked in a cage by the dragon, this time the catapult is chosen, the knight uses the catapult and the rock gets hurled and hits the dragon. The dragon falls down and there are birds chirping and there are stars around his head. Again the knight saves the Princess.
When three doors appear on the screen then they give a bonus. Little goblins come out of the open door and some free spins are initiated. As the reels spin, some points may be won, or if the doors reappear there is one more free spin added to the free spins already given. The bonus ends when there are no more free spins available. The points that accumulated during the free spins are awarded.

Another of the bonuses happens when three goblins land in a row on a pay line.

This bonus consists of five goblins when they are able to sneak into the castle. They get into a room where there are some treasures and the player has to assist them in choosing the treasures to steal from the castle, because they do not have a lot of room in their bag. Whatever items the player chooses gives the player points but it also has the goblins climbing on the bookcase in order to steal the item.

After the three items are chosen, the bonus is over and the goblins go off with their plunder.

Another bonus happens when the Dragon lands on the third reel and he blows fire making the entire third reel wild. In two spins, high points are awarded.
One more bonus happens when there is three bags of gold on the screen they all say click me. When they are clicked then they award points from two hundred fifty to four hundred and fifty. There are four times that they can be clicked. They do not have to be in succession, they only have to be on the reels.

When three bags that look like burlap bags come on the screen they have the words click me. When you choose the bag there is points attached. There is four times that the player gets to choose. Each comes with points attached. Each time that one of the bags is chosen, one of the goblins carries it off. These sacks of gold can be positioned anywhere on the reels.

This slot has five different bonus and special features. This helps with the extended story line and also adds more chances for winning points. This makes for a Vegas like experience. Come see if all I have described is not true. I am sure that this will be a favorite game.

Once Upon a Time Slot
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