Ninja Battle 3 is a free game offered by , and one that is sure to please. The best thing about using our services is that there is nothing to download. You simply come to our site and you can play right in your computer’s browser. This is one of numerous games offered by our company for your enjoyment. We want the gamer to have the ultimate experience, and we help you do so by bringing the most popular, most intense and best games around. Why would you pay $10-$50 for a game that you can have for free from our site? The offerings are vast and there are hours of fun just waiting for you or your children.

Understanding The Game

If you or your family are into Ninja’s and their epic battle of good versus evil, then you will love playing this game. This saga has fifteen different skill levels, which means you start out at a level one and then you work your way up to the last level, or fifteen. The intensity can be turned up in an instant; as soon as one level is completed it’s on to another one that is much more difficult. It’s an action ride like non-other, as you try to beat the levels and become the Ninja warrior. This game first came out in June of 2012. Since then, it has created quite a following and a great deal of hype on the web. It tests reflexes and ensures that the player is sharp and on their feet, so to speak. Just like in real life, the ninja with the crazy skills will have no problem fighting off the villans and coming out on-top.

Playing Games At is Fun and Easy

At, we make it easy for you to play this and any other game. We provide a menu that explains how to play and the object of the game. In Ninja Battle 3, the first page takes the gamer to a menu where they can choose their set-up. It allows them to choose their intensity level and also find the instructions for how to play. To move throughout this game, the player needs to use the arrow keys. The music is haunting and eerie and it only adds to the intensity of the fighting and adrenaline rush while playing. The music can be silenced for those who prefer no sound. Since this is a fighting game, be prepared from the start to have all sorts of opposition and fight deadly battles. This game is not overly graphic, so it would be acceptable for teens too.

Why All Gamers Must Play Ninja Battle 3

Ninja Battle 3 is an intense game of skill and reflexes. It requires fancy footwork and killer moves to stay alive. One by one the obstacles come to fight the fierce ninja. He, or she, must fight them off with their slayer instincts. In the first scene the gamer is met with opposition right from the beginning. There is no customization of the character; it is a black figure with red belts around the head and the waist. No time for messing around here, this Ninja means business. The side to side arrow keys will move him back and forth. To climb simply press the up arrow and to come back down use the down arrow. The game doesn’t take fancy skills, just the ability to move quickly and get out of harm’s way. The levels are not long and don’t take a great deal of time to complete, but don’t be fooled into thinking they are simple to overtake.

The Object Of The Game-Shurikens

Right away the player will notice there are coins that they must pick up along the way. These coins are called “shurikens”, and the top of the screen will display how many are left. There are six coins on each level; you must collect them all to be able to advance to the next level. In the top right hand corner of the game, you will notice it will tell you how many lives you have left. You start out with two, but the fierce opposition can quickly dissipate those. It also tells what level a gamer is at, in case they forget along the fifteen level journey. The dashboard serves as a constant reminder to the player’s status in the game.

There are many things to avoid while trying to get these coins. The coins are hidden within three tiers and in those tiers are villains who will attempt to overtake the Ninja to avoid allowing the gamer to get the coin. The tricky part is that the gamer must climb up and down the ropes to get to the levels. It must be hit just right to be able to get up and down. There are clue cards in every level that tell how to overcome this villain. The cards will display a letter on the keyboard to use. For instance in level 1, you use the “C” key to attack and conquer the first opponent. While it looks easy and many think they can beat this level in a heartbeat, the fact is looks can be deceiving. The game takes a great deal more talent than what initially appears.

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You can play the free Ninja Battle 3 at along with other games. If you like the Ninja category and the intense fighting, this is one of numerous games just like it. This game doesn’t contain any gore or real violence and so it is acceptable for the entire family. Set in an ancient Chinese type setting, the music and overall graphics and animation make this game amazing. While you’re on our site, browse around and play other games. If you like this game, share the link on social media. This way all your friends from Facebook and Twitter can play along too. We have a code that you can embed on your website or put out there any way you can get it. Enjoy our free games and be sure to tell your friends about our site.

Ninja Battle 3 Game
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