[miau] One of the odd things about slot machines is that some of the most entertaining of them are based on other types of gambling. I’m not sure why a slot version of say, poker is so much fun to play. But some of the poker-themed slots are at the top of anyone’s playing list. And that’s also the case with horse racing and in particular the slot game “Nags to Riches.”

nags_to_riches_slot_machineAs you might expect from a horseracing-themed game, it’s full of equestrian-related symbols, ranging from horse and jockeys to announcers and trainers. Even better, the images and sounds are a bit quirky and fun, which makes the gameplay a lot more entertaining.

But the similarities between real horseracing and “Nags to Riches” extends past the images used in the game. In real life, gamblers can choose an “Each Way” option, which essentially doubles the cost of the initial bet while increasing the payout if there’s a winner. The downside of the bet is that you win less if the horse comes in second or third. “Nags To Riches” has an “Each Way” button that doubles the cost of the bet, but it does double the payout if you hit a multiplier or make it to a bonus round.

There are some other bonuses that up the ante for fun in this game. Hitting a horseshoe symbol on the first, third and fifth reels opens up a free spin feature that could win you up to twenty free spins. It’s also worth watching for the betting slips, which show up unexpectedly on the third reel. You’ll win a big bonus prize if the horse printed on it wins the next bonus race. Also, a golden betting slip wins players the progressive pot.

But the bonus feature that is the most fun has to be “Nags to Riches” bonus game. Hit a bonus horse symbol on reel one and a horse will gallop across the screen, awarding prizes of different amounts. And it you were lucky enough to have pressed the “Each Way” button ahead of time, you’ll win 2x the prizes.

While nothing can quite match the excitement of being a real horse race, “Nags to Riches” does do a great job of recreating the fun of gambling at the track. It’s a game with a sense of humor and enough unexpected twists to keep you coming back to play again and again.

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