[miau] Avalon is a fun online slot game for anyone to enjoy. It is just as fun is its multi-player version, which is where you can play online with other people around the world. The multi-player version is just as rewarding as the single player version if not even more rewarding because you can play with others and possibly make some valuable, new friends to play with. This slot game is composed of many symbols, all of which help set a majestic yet mysterious atmosphere to the game. There is also a fun and rewarding bonus feature known as Free Spins, in which all players present can participate in at the same time.

Multi-player Avalon has been proven to have a similar payout percentage to its single player counterpart. This multi-player version of Avalon provides you with many chances to receive winnings. In fact, the payout percentage is around 96.01%, just like its single player counterpart. The minimum and maximum stake is $0.05, a modest stake for any casino player of any casino game. The maximum jackpot is 3000 coins for this multi-player Avalon, and everyone who plays has a chance to win it.

There are 12 reel symbols, five of which are top-paying symbols, five more being low-paying symbols, and the other 2 being certain special symbols. The five top-paying symbols are the Amulet, the Coat of Arms, Goblet, Crown, and Avalon House. The five low-paying symbols are the King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and 10. The Avalon House is the highest-paying symbol out of all of the symbols, and it is also the wild symbol. The wild symbol can take the place of any symbol, except the Lady of the Lake symbol in this game. The Lady of the Lake symbol is the scatter symbol. This scatter symbol, once landed upon, rewards the player with actual money rather than free spins or other bonus features. The bonus symbols would be the Chest symbols. If you or any other player spins three chests, then the Free Spins round will be activated.

There is a bonus game known as the Free Spins round. Once you or any of the other players have spun 3 Chests, then this round gets triggered and every single player present in your current game gets 12 free spins. If you have the meter enabled, then you will be rewarded with an individual multiplier. This individual multiplier can help you earn even more rewards from the free spins. The 12 free spins will go on all at the same time for all of the players.

While playing the multi-player version of Avalon, you would be able to see the slots of the other players. You will also be able to chat with the other players while playing the game. You can wish them luck and congratulate them on their wins if you want. You would also be able to make new friends through this chat facility. With this opportunity, you could always have partners and other members to play with whenever you want to play Multi-player Avalon. When you speak with the other players, you could trade tips, ideas, and even strategies to help all of yourselves improve and play your best in this video slot game.

Multi-player Avalon Slot
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