[miau] The Montezuma Slot game is a non-progressive five-reel game that has 30 pay lines and a maximum jackpot of $600. The game has a scatter symbol as well as a free spin and other features. A great feature that many players like, is the wheel bonus. This is a pretty basic game, with a lower jackpot amount; compared to other slot games. This slot game was created by the company WMS and is named Montezuma; based on the ancient Aztec Emperor. This game used to be in many casinos in the United States, and due to its popularity with players, it then became a slot game that was put online for players to enjoy in May of 2014.

montezuma_slot_machineThe graphics on this game are basic, with no real flair, but they get the job done, as far as slots go. There are several symbols which include Montezuma, dragon, hawk, headdress, princess, as well as other symbols. The wild in this slot game is the pyramid. This slot has 30 pay lines, and the minimum bet is at least $0.30, and the maximum that is $60 for each spin. When it comes to the wheel bonus feature, if you have three or more of the wheel symbols on the reels, the wheel will spin and show the multiplier, as well as the number of free games that will be given.

This bonus feature is somewhat fascinating and may lead you to continue on playing the game as it’s very enjoyable. With the multiplier, a player can win anywhere from 3 up to 25 free spins, and the multipliers are 2x’s, 3x’s, 5x’s, or 10x’s. Another great bonus is, if two wheel symbols happen to appear during the free spins, the wheel will once again spin, and give additional free spins, as well as additional multipliers. This is an amazing feature; that can help the game to go on and on, and give multiple wins, for each play.

This is a great game for those looking to win some money, but not necessarily looking to go home rich, or even be able to quit their job after winning the jackpot! This is a simple game with lowbrow graphics, but overall is fun, and can win you some great take-home money, and it’s great once you get to the bonus feature. If you can continue to get multipliers as well as free spins, you can literally keep playing over and over, without having to add on additional coins for play. That’s one of the great features of this game, compared to other slots out there.

You can seriously expect to possibly win big, once you get to the bonus round, as it can keep going and going; allowing you to continue to multiply your winnings. Keep in mind though, that only $600 is the maximum that you can win from the jackpot in this game. If you’re low on cash, but want a great slot to play, Montezuma is a great choice. This game was popular in land-based casinos for a reason, so it may be something you want to try out; if not for profits, at least for fun, and to try something new, just for your entertainment.

Montezuma Slot
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