Despicable Me: Minion Rush popularly referred to as Minion Rush, is the hilarious game based on the film Despicable Me. The game is an endless runner game, and the goal of the players is to collect as many bananas while dodging and defeating villains and other obstacles. The longer a player runs, the more bananas, they will collect, which they can use to unlock different levels of the game. Here is a vivid description of the game.

Rules of the Game
Players play the game by controlling a minion, which can be Dave, Carl or Jerry while competing with other minions. There are three tracks with floating bananas, and the player is expected to collect them by controlling the minions by moving to the right or left. The trick is to focus on upcoming attacks and challenges more than collecting the bananas. There are power-ups that players can use to overcome the attacks, and stand a chance to receive rewards in the form of tokens or bananas if they successfully collect every fruit in the Jelly lab machine. Minion Rush has four game modes that are Global Events Mode, Races mode, Jelly Lab mode and Special Mission mode.

Minion Races
In minion races, a player may play as Dave, Jerry or Carl and race with two other opponents chosen at random. During a race, a player ought to choose a weapon, referred to as gadgets, to take part in the race. The gadgets come free after the player downloads the game, and there are other special gadgets purchasable using tokens. Winning a race continuously earns a player different kind of prizes.

Special Missions and Events
The game has a unique game mode known as special mission. During a special mission run, a player has to collect special items in given locations, and it is independent of the races or jelly lab events. Every special mission has three stages with every stage having different items to collect and various prizes to win, for instance, tokens, costume, and prize pod. Examples of special missions include a wedding party, extreme sports, April fool’s prank, minion safari and holiday quest.

There are daily or weekly contests where players contend for prizes such as bananas, tokens, and prize pods. Every event has a target such as most bananas collected or highest score and they all take place in a given location. There are top prizes such as a number of tokens or a costume.

In the Minion Rush, tokens are important because a player can use them to revive a minion when it dies. What is more, tokens help a player skip goals that may be hard to complete, buy different costumes, buy locations, buy power-ups and even purchase more bananas. By default a player is given 50 tokens at the beginning of the game that are lost quickly if a player skips a goal or revives a minion. With no token at all, a player may purchase them using real money, costing 25$. A player can earn extra free Gru token by connecting to Facebook and sending challenges to friends.

Power-Ups and Props
The player can unlock and use power-ups, which increase minion’s abilities. The power-ups are many, including minion shield, freeze ray, banana splitter, Gru’s Rocket, fluffy unicorn and many more. Some power-ups such as the fluffy unicorn and banana splinter are usually a safe bet since they net a player large quantities of bananas.

Props are a special kind of power-ups available only in specific locations, and a player may purchase them using bananas or tokens. For instance, snowboards are available in The Arctic Base, minion gliders are found in the residential area only, scooters in the mall, skateboards in minion parks and motor crosses in the volcano only. When using props, a player has access to much more special stuff such as multipliers particularly when running special missions and has access to three props during the run. Players also earn multipliers by running over other minions.

In Minion Rush, players have to dodge some villains for minions known as bosses. The bosses attack and try to smash the minions, and the game may end if the minion is smashed, but if the player succeeds to escape the attacks or throw items at the bosses, they are defeated. A player may escape the bosses by controlling the minion through moving to the right or left while in midair.

Players can customize the minions through buying, unlocking, or customizing different costumes. Minion Rush has many different unlockable and purchasable costumes that give minions better abilities, for instance, a firefighter costume increases the despicable score multiplier by 3 levels, worker costume increases the bananas collected by 10% and the maid costume increases chances of finding freeze rays. As of version 2.0.1 of Minion Rush, a player can upgrade the abilities of every costume. The game begins with a classic minion outfit and as the game progresses; a player may purchase new outfits using bananas.

Minion Rush Game
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