[miau] The company behind the Merry Money Slot machine game is Barcrest. It was created with five reels and 10 separate paylines for players to potentially win on. The graphics and sound are amazing for this Robin Hood style game, and players are immediately drawn in by the fact that they recognize the character that the game is displaying. That is to say that players like it because they know who Robin Hood is, and this is a character that they would like to associate with, particularly when playing the slot machine games that they love.

merry_money_slot_machineThe symbols on this game are pretty standard. Players will notice the familiar J’s, Q’s, K’s, and Aces. However, there are also Merry Money symbols which are very valuable to the player. These symbols are great because they can unlock bonus games within the slot machine if they are hit on a payline and if there are enough of them present.

If there are three or more special target scatter symbols that appear on a payline, then a special so called “pick-me” game will present itself. This is the type of game in which a player will pick between three or so different characters in order to determine the prize amount that they have won. This kind of action is a lot of fun for the players because they are able to win a random amount based on simply getting lucky. At the same time, they feel as if there is some control to what they are doing. That is always a nice feeling as well when playing a slot machine. It is what those machines are designed to do.

This game allows players to risk as little as $0.10 per line, and yet they are able to bet up to 500 coins at a time if that is what they choose to do. Thus, you can probably see how this game makes an appeal to both the low rollers and the high rollers at the same time. It is great to have some games that can do this because people want to have a machine that they can feel is their favorite. This particular game makes no bones about the fact that it would like to be the preferred choice of all players.

The Robin Hood game is sweeping up people everywhere that it is being installed. Those who have yet to try their hand at it should give it a few spins. It is starting to produce winners in numbers that people simply did not believe where possible in the past. This is something worth celebrating, and it is a huge motivator for those who love to play slot machines in the casino.

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