[mrgreen]To experience a video-slot game with a magical feel, play Merlin’s Millions.

Who Makes this Slot Machine?

Merlin’s Millions was created by the innovative minds at NextGen Software.

merlins_millions_slot_machineWhat Are this Machine’s Reel and Pay-Line Details?

This game has the typical five reels of a video-slot machine, and it possesses an atypical 50 pay lines that are always activated. That number of pay lines gives the player a mystifying total of winning combinations.

What Spots Are on this Slot Machine’s Reels?

Frequent video-slots players will recognize the “faces” on some of this game’s spots, and they will find other spots with images unique to this game. The spots in Merlin’s Millions include:

Merlin’s spell book
Merlin’s magical staff
A bottle filled with potion
The letter “A” to represent the ace from a deck of cards
A “K” equal to the king
A “Q” equal to the queen
A “J” equal to the jack
The number “10”
The number “9”

Those are all of this game’s “regular” spots.

Does this Slot Machine Offer Wild Spots, “Scatters” or Other Special Features?

Merlin’s Millions gives the player a wild spot with Merlin’s face upon it. This spot can take on the value of any regular spot and create winning combinations.

This game also offers “scatter” spots that carry the image of a spooky owl. When the owl appears anywhere on each of reels one, three and five, the player wins the opportunity to click any of the three owls. The owl that the player clicks reveals a bonus prize.

The player will also enjoy a second scatter bonus in Merlin’s Millions. When an orb symbol appears anywhere on the second, third and fourth reels simultaneously, the player receives five free spins. The potential to win prizes without wagering anything is a great bonus!

IGT also included their patented “Superbet” feature in Merlin’s Millions. Paying for this side bet enables the player to receive ten times the prize amount when Merlin’s wild spot plays.

What Is this Machine’s Top Prize?

The top prize in Merlin’s Millions is a respectable 10,000 betting units.

How Does a Player Win the Top Prize?

When five spell-book symbols hit the same pay line, the player wins 1,000 betting units. With the maximum Superbet activated, that prize magically becomes 10,000 betting units!

Does this Slot Machine Offer a Unique Playing Experience?

This game immerses the player in Merlin’s wondrous realm. That is one unique place to play slots!

Is this a Fun Slot Machine?

Merlin’s Millions is fun to play, and it is a great way to make a little time vanish!

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