[miau] For those who are fond of magic, then you should try the game Magic Wand. The casino slot game Magic Wand is non-progressive and has five reels along with 25 pay lines. This game does have great features such as a wild symbols, free spins, and also the jackpot is a maximum of $7,500. Magic Wand was created by WMS Video Slot, and put online in May 2012, and is part of the G+ series. Those looking to win some good money, while having fun, can try this game and see if it suits their taste.

magic_wand_slot_machineWhen beginning the slot game, a red curtain will unveil, revealing the game; allowing you a look into your potential magic tricks for the night! There are many symbols or icons in this game, such as a caged bird, cards, a wand, dice, a magician’s assistant, a magician, and a magic wand, which is wild. There are other icons in here as well, but you’ll understand them as you progress in the game. It’s great that this game stuck completely to the theme of magic, especially when loading the game with icons.

There are a couple different views available when you’re betting. There is the Quickbet panel, as well as the Classic Panel. Both are relatively similar and offer a visual of your per line bet or your bet total; allowing you to clearly see where you’re at in the game, as far as your bets are concerned. Anyone playing a slot game, will want to have a full outline of their choices, and Magic Wand gives you that and allows for variations of the views of your bets.

There is a free spin feature that allows players the opportunity to possibly win big money, even though this is not a progressive jackpot. If you happen to get the magic hat symbol, and you get three of them, they will trigger the game to give you five free spins. If you instead get five magic hats, the game will then trigger to give you seven free spins. It’s also possible for five magic hats to have the game trigger to give you 20 free spins.

There are two wild reels that are random, and they will be seen during the free spins, and it makes for an exciting visual. If three additional magic hats appear on the reel, this can actually retrigger the free spins, giving you additional chances to win. This is what’s extremely exciting about this game; the potential to keep winning on your original bet. There is a jackpot party that’s progressive, and it may show up on your screen at random.

Anyone who plays this game has a chance of getting any one of the progressive jackpots which total five prizes. The betting range is from $0.25 all the way up to $75. This allows those who want to play small amounts, to get into the game, but to hold back enough, until they are ready to jump all the way up to $75. The payouts can possibly be low, but if you get the bonus feature and the wild reels, you may just win big, depending on how big your bet is, and how you play.

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