[miau] There is something a lot softer about the Lucky Rabbits Loot Slot machine. The features in this game are something that are not typically seen in most other slot machines. The fact of the matter is that this game is designed to be targeted more towards women. The design gives away the fact that it hopes to appeal to women. It is a refreshing looking slot machine though because it is in fact so different from the others.

lucky_rabbits_loot_slot_machineThe Lucky Rabbit Loot slot machine features things like rabbits, easter eggs, and flowers. It is also a nice and soft design in the background. It has some things that are common to the other slot machines as well though. One of things is that there are the numbers and letters 9,10,J,Q, and K. These are popular because obviously these correlate with playing cards that are so often used in other games of chance. As such, it is important to include these symbols in almost all gambling games.

There are frequently wild symbols that come down in this game all the time. It is something that boosts the chances to have a winning combination hit. It is great for people who are looking to play and actually win some of their money back. Some of the luckier players will actually end up winning more money than what they started with. It is nice to have these wild symbols, but perhaps not as nice as hitting some of the special features in this game.

If three or more scatter symbols are hit then there are free spin bonuses that are released for the player. They can win eight free spins in the game and these spins can be used to generate even more money or perhaps even more free spins. In either case, having the free spins is in fact a huge benefit to the player. They want to be able to see more game play for less (or no) money after all. This kind of thing is the best way to create more play and bring about greater winnings.

The player with very little money can play this game and enjoy it as can the player who has a decent bankroll to back themselves up on as well. Either way, the player is probably going to enjoy the refreshing break from the all too common types of slot machines. It is important to make sure that you try out new games like this from time to time. Lucky Rabbits Loot is the game to play.

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