[miau] Brick and mortar casinos have always been able to rely on their Lobster Mania Slot machines to generate some much needed revenue for them. This is because this particular machine has always been a popular with customers. Now, the machine is being seen more frequently on the online casinos as well.

lobster_mania_slot_machineHuge Wins For Good Plays

Whenever one hits a win on the Lobster Mania slot machine, they hit a real big win. Those lucky enough to hit four scatter symbols on their spin will win 25 times their original bet. That is a really great payoff for those who are playing even small amounts of money on the game. This can be a great way to win a nice bet on just a small bet if you want. Then again, for those who want to bet more, the game maxes out at 500 per spin. This can generate a huge return on that 25 times scatter win.


As with many slot machine games, this game features a bonus that players can hit. The one on this game is called the Buoy Bonus. It occurs when one hits three Lobster Fisherman symbols. One then selects one of the Lobster Fisherman to see how many Buoys he can capture. The maximum is four. Depending upon how this bonus plays out, the maximum win is up to 4000x the original bet on that particular line! Once again, this game pays out huge wins.

Extra Wild Symbols

The online casino version of this game features extra wild symbols. Any lobster wearing sunglasses is one that acts the same as a wild symbol. These wild symbols can be used as a scatter symbol or for other purposes. Adding up some of these wild symbols as scatter symbols can be quite profitable for those who are lucky enough to catch them. It can generate a huge return for the player who happens to get the symbols.

Fair Play To The Bettor

Those who might want to know more about how much of a house edge there is on a machine should know that they should be able to receive a 92.5% payback rate on their bets. This means that for every $100 put into the machine, an expected rate of return would be $92.50. That is not too shabby considering some of the rates of returns on other types of slot machine games or even other casino games in general.

It is possible for players to play with a very small bankroll on this game, so even if they are losing, they can limit those losses to an amount that they can really afford.

Why Spend Time On This Game

The number of bonus features and the value of a win on this game make it well worth the trouble of playing. Whereas other slot games may not provide nearly the same amount of excitement or wins as this game, this one promises to create the excitement that one has been looking for. Lobster Mania slot machines are popular for a reason, and they should be played online as well as in the traditional casinos. Enjoy the experience no matter where you are.

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