[miau] For lovers of video slots, you definitely know something about Spamaloft, an online based slot. For those who know much about it, it’s one of the most interesting games. You cannot just get enough of it. Well, forget about that and let’s focus attention on something a bit new. Playtech have released a new game, Life of Brian, which is now trending and admired by most lovers of slots. You may need to know a few details if not all regarding life of Brian. Just read on to learn more.

Life of Brian is based on a funny film and it has a very unique setting unlike most games. It is made up of a middle east setting that dates back to almost 2000 years ago. This is one feature that is aimed at introducing some taste in the game. It has very unique characters based on the setting as you have seen. The intro is kind of lengthy and includes a song from the film. After this intro is when you will be able to view the thirty fixed paylines that make up the game.

Stake levels
It is easy to adjust the stake levels of Life of Brian depending on what you need. However, you are only allowed thirty paylines in every spin.

Bonus Features
Free spins
Upon careful evaluation, you will learn that you can trigger free spins by spinning in the scatter symbols. As long as you are playing the game online, you will be able to utilize this feature without restrictions.

The stoning bonus
In this bonus, you select the characters you would like to stone so that you may get away with prices. Better still, you are able to earn more prices if you find any women in attendance. Actually, this is among the main bonus features and probably the most enjoyable.

People’s front of Judea
This is yet another amazing bonus where you are allowed to pick items mainly to learn about the life of Romans in the past. This way, you secure a good chance to win prizes. The more you move on with the game, the more chances of winning prizes you get.

What’s so funny
Actually, this is an amazing bonus where you get to pick the best guard. The trick here is to see the time these guards can stay without laughing. Therefore, your choice determines your chances of ever getting any prizes.

Foot of God
Foot of God is a huge Monty python and which executes a haphazard stamping of the reels thereby giving you an opportunity to pick on a holy item. To win a cash prize you will be required to pledge allegiance to one of the Judea’s party.

Wild spaceship respins
This comes as an aid in the sense that after losing a spin, Brian falls and is held well by the spaceship. This qualifies you to receive more spins until you eventually win.

Generally, there are many things in this game, but playing doesn’t require much skills. What you must know is the fact that playlines are fixed.

Life of Brian is an amazing game to play. Actually, for a lover of slot games, this should be the next you can think of.

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