[miau] There is no need to look for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow when you can win it on this fun slot machine. The Leprechaun’s Fortune is a progressive slot machine that lets you win with multiple pay lines with each deposit made. You can play with real or fake money. However, you should play with actual money to up your chances of winning a real fortune from the famed and elusive leprechaun!

leprechauns_fortune_slot_machineNo Need to Look for the End of the Rainbow with an Easy Play Slot Machine

Players can play up to fifty pay lines on this five reel game powered by Williams Interactive. Leprechauns are often associated with lucky charms and pots of gold. Thus, this is the perfect theme for a slot machine where you can actually win a big prize. Plus, you chances of winning on this slot machine are higher than finding an actual leprechaun! This is your chance to find the luck for once thanks to a fun game filled with colorful graphics.

Each line is worth a minimum bet of 25 cents. The different symbols can give players a chance to win much higher than the stated value. For example, the rainbow gives you 1,000 times the amount shown on the pay line if it appears five times. The is the highest bonus symbol, and it gives players the ultimate opportunity to win some cash just like they might find at the end of a rainbow.

Leprechaun’s Fortune Lets You Win Big

The actual leprechaun symbol is wild, and it can stand for any other symbol except for the first one shown. The pot of gold is a scatter symbol that lets wins be won across different boards. Thus, there are several ways to win in this easy slot machine game. The leprechaun fortune can be yours with the quick switch of the lever. However, you need to play with real money and large deposits to actually see any return. Will today be your lucky day? Take the chance to win the Leprechaun’s Fortune.

The best chance at winning big comes from the free spins offered when three pots of gold appear in a single line. This gives you the chance to spin ten more times for free. The more spins and the more lines to give you free money is the best way to play this game. Leprechaun’s Fortune is a cute game that really follows its theme well. There are no hidden surprises, and it is easy to understand. Of course, you need to be patient if you want to win big because there is not too much variance. However, do not let that keep you from playing a fun slot machine game that will help you win big.

One of the best ways to win money at home playing a fun game like this is to bet real money. If you want to play and win money doing something, then this will be fun way to actually do it. Leprechaun’s Fortune is the way to win gold (money) in the comfort of your own home!

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