[miau] The Kitty Glitter online slot game provides casino enthusiasts with a great deal of fun and many opportunities to win! This game includes a great structure with a generous amount of reels and pay lines. This game also has a beautiful, eye-catching design. The game has a “kitty cat” theme that will appeal to individuals who not only enjoy the casino games as a pastime but are also cat lovers. This game has a lot going for it. Are you considering using this online slot game? Well, before you give it a go you should read the information here and see if this game is right for you. The following are some of the great features of this game:

kitty_glitter_slot_machine1. Kitty Glitter is very user friendly 

A good number of online slot games will require a download before you can start playing them. This can at best be a little inconvenient. At worst, however, is the fact that any type of download could possibly to viruses and malware attacks. One of the great things about the Kitty Glitter Slot game is that it is very user friendly—it does not require a download for you to be able to play it.

2. Kitty Glitter has a lot of bonuses 

To start with, the Kitty Glitter slot game has 30 excellent pay lines. The game also has four lucky cats that you could land on and it includes several free spins bonuses as well. The symbols could morph into a diamond wild designation and increase the bonus even further. Many players enjoy this game simply for the great bonuses that it offers.

3. Kitty Glitter offers great options for pay outs

Kitty Glitter has great offerings when it comes to payouts. The winnings top out at 250,000 pounds, but there are a number of other options and ways for people to win as well. For example, people are able to win up to 225 free games as well as possible monetary gain. They are also able to win up to 1,000 free credits on any winning bet.

4. Kitty Glitter has many options for betting

Another great feature of the Kitty Glitter online slot game is that it offers users many different options for better. Once they bet on a line, it opens up another line for users to bet on. Users are able to bet as low as one pence on a line and they are also able to bet as high as ten pounds per pay line as well. This wide variety of options for individuals to wager helps those of all income levels who want to share in the enjoyment of playing this unique online casino game.


In order to play this game appropriately, there are several things you should know about Kitty Glitter. First of all, Kitty Glitter will allowing coinciding wins on additional pay lines to occur, maximizing your potential to win. Secondly, you do not have to see the Kitty Bowl of Diamonds scatter symbol in order to win. Finally, it is important to remember that some features are voided in the “Playing for Fun” mode and malfunction will void all activity.

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