[miau] “You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest band inspired slot machine, KISS!” Okay, that is not exactly how the band was introduced back in 1976, but it is how some are introducing the band inspired slot machine today. KISS fans are loyal and they might be thrilled to bring some of that loyalty to a slot machine based on the look of their favorite quartet of rockers.

kiss_slot_machineThe slot machine is a “100 line” version and this means the graphics are incredibly clear to see. No one is going to be wondering whether or not they have pulled up a winning spin because clarity remains one of the hallmarks of this particular online slot.

Besides, when you win, the fire-breathing Bat Demon character played by Gene Simmons shows up. The minute you see him, you know for sure that you have won this round.

When KISS first debuted in 1973, it was tough to miss them on stage thanks to their wild and audacious outfits and, of course, their makeup. How could you remember their name though? The KISS logo was the gleeful reminder about who the bad was. Legend has it, when KISS opened for Black Sabbath, Sabbath had to perform with the huge KISS logo on the stage because it was too tough to take it down! If the KISS logo appears on the screen, you are awarded free spins and a multiplier.

Considering how little the band was paid during the early days the members were paying their dues, you might make more bucks thanks to the free spins that KISS earned when playing the Diplomat Hotel in the early 1970’s.

The game is loaded with KISS inspired imagery with Gene Simmons’ tongue being present and accounted for. Again, KISS fans will love the images and they probably will be more pleased to learn of the competitive paylines that deliver potentially lucrative winnings.

Interestingly, the way the game is set up there are two games side-by-side boosting the ability for players to win. Obviously, that is another plus for the gamer. The more variants that are available with the game, then the greater your chances are of walking away a huge winner at the virtual slot seat.

The pop culture references to KISS is what makes the slot game so appealing. As is the case with pinball machines, familiar imagery makes people more willing to invest time on the game. With a virtual online slot machine, people are not just looking to have fun. They want to make some money at the endeavor. The slot play on KISS inspired platform is excellent. No one should experience any bugs with it and the payoffs are fair. Depositing money is not all that tough so you do not have to worry about jumping any unnecessary hurdles to make a simple wager.

If you are a fan of KISS in all its incarnations, then you just might want to give this slot game a try. Rocking and rolling all night and partying everyday becomes easier if your winnings have been boosted.

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