[miau] King Arthur is a reminiscent game where the players are taken back to the ages of kings. The game revolves around King Arthur and his knights. Actually the setting appears kind of ancient due to the way the king and the knights are arranged. What makes it so interesting is the type of adventure involved therein. It induces a feeling that one is living in those ages while trying to offer some sense of beauty from the visuals to the amazing sounds. This is not all, there is more about King Arthur that you may need to learn. Read on to get more information about the game.

king_arthur_slot_machineTheme and setting
King Arthur offers a unique theme that takes you back to the 12th century. There are several medieval adventures that make the game more interesting. Winning one game inspires you to play more. As seen, the setting is ancient meaning you are taken back to the times of kings and such governments.Due to the setting and theme of the game, players will get to see symbols that date back to the medieval era. These will include crowns, knights, a very beautiful queen, swords and much more things that are associated with kingdoms. This therefore authenticates the game.Interface
This is a simple to understand game based on the fact that its interface is simpler. You will not have to take much time trying to understand what various buttons mean. You can easily locate different keys and for some quick actions, you will have the best experience playing the game. However, this does not mean you can just assume you know how to play it in the first instance. It is advisable to go through a demo to get to learn everything well.Bonus features
Playing King Arthur offers you two bonus options: you can activate the first after receiving not less than three of the ‘Camelot’ symbols on an active payline beginning from the left side. Immediately this executed, you are now taken to a new window which displays roads with a map that directs you to different doors in the Camelot. Each door gives a specific multiplier. You make several choices which later lead you to a single door and at this point you will get to win based on the multiplier applied in that case.
Note that if you happen to land in a door with a x0 multiplier, you will lose every point gained in the bonus session.

The second feature becomes active after receiving more than three ‘Sword in the Stone’ symbols anywhere in the reels. Upon this happening, the Arthur tries to pull the swords from the stones. In each that he manages to pull out then you get to win some points because the multiplier is applied.

Wild symbols
King Arthur has two wild symbols. The first being the knight symbol which works by substituting for other icons. The second symbol is the peasant symbol, although it does not function as a multiplier, it only acts as a wild icon.

As seen above, King Arthur is an amazing game that any adventurous player cannot afford to miss. Actually, it is worth playing more than once because of the reminiscent touch it bears.

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