[miau] A lot of people are getting incredibly excited about the newest installment in the classic Jurassic Park movie and book series. They are very much looking forward to its premier in the theaters very soon. They are also getting excited by playing the Jurassic Park Slot machine game.

jurassic_park_slot_machineThere are exactly 243 winning combinations in this particular slot machine game. It makes the game quite exciting and helps to keep people playing for longer periods of time. They simply love the fact that they can win in a variety of different ways and that they do not feel as though they are just having their money sucked up by the machine. As a matter of fact, there are some players who are lucky enough to walk away with more money than they came with.

You know that all of the sights and sounds of the classic movie are presented in this game. There are dinosaurs galore in this one, and the graphics and animations are second to none. It is almost like experiencing the movie all over again when one starts to play this machine.

Scatter symbols in this game will trigger bonus rounds and levels that can be explored. These bonus rounds are great because they provide for another layer of entertainment while also pumping up the winnings for the player as well. The bonus levels occur as a result of the player hitting at least 3 scatter symbols or perhaps as many as 5. The five different bonus levels are all named after different types of dinosaurs, so keep an eye out for those as well.

This is the rare type of slot machine game that appeals to all sorts of players. Certainly, the fans of the movie are most likely to be draw to it. However, even casual slot machine players have mentioned that they like this game as well. It has the graphics to keep them entertained and it allows players of all bankroll sizes to get in on the fun. By having as many bonus features as it does, the game challenges players to do more, and it makes the game play that much more exciting. Best of all, the universal appeal of dinosaurs is evident in the game as well. One does not even have to have seen the movie in order to start to understand why there are so many who believe that this game is a lot of fun.

Jurassic Park is and will likely remain a very popular movie. With the newest addition of the movie set to come out, a lot of slot machine developers are expecting more people to want to play this particular slot machine game. Perhaps you too will find yourself enjoying a few spins on this classic. There is nothing wrong with giving it a try and seeing if this game is right for you.

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