Jungle Shooter is one of those cool apps that provides players with a lot of fun and entertainment. Based on the name, some might think this is going to be a tried and true shooter game with not much new to offer. Oh how wrong those who judge a game solely by its name can be. There are a number of nice new twists to this overall simple game. The unique aspects of the game are enough to make it quite entertaining and one even those who have played shooter game after shooter game are going to like.

The basic concept of Jungle Shooter requires players to get three similar fruits into a basket. The fruits are caught inside of a bubble and the bubble has to be shot in order for the fruits to come free. The bubble and the fruits slowly descend to the ground level. As is the case with similar classic games such as Space Invaders, the minute anything hits the ground floor and the player, a loss is incurred.

How do you shoot the bubbles? Tapping on the screen is all the player has to do. No, the games is not complicated and there aren’t a ton of directions players are stuck following. Weighing a game down with too many performance steps takes the fun out of it. Keeping things basic and focusing on the prime goal – shooting bubbles and collecting falling fruit – is what this fun game is all about.

After reaching a certain point by adding fruit to the basket, a level is completed. As soon as one level is completed, the game advances to the next stage. Not too surprisingly, each and every stage gets a lot harder. If the difficulty level of each stage remained the same, there would be no reason to continue to play. The whole thing would turn out to be extremely boring.

Upon looking at the left hand side of the screen, the number of fruits that have to be collected into a basket are shown. Players should make a mental note of the number of fruit items that have to be collected and avoided constantly checking the screen over and over again. Doing so is going to do little more than create a distraction. That distraction is going to end up causing troubles if you lose track of where the fruit are. Once you lose track, one of those fruit selections might sneak by and hit the ground. The second that happens, a loss is incurred. Players should just do their best to capture the fruit and the game, itself, will reveal that a level change has been reached.

Each and every time bubbles are popped and fruit is collected in a basket, the total score on the game goes up and up. Not everyone really pays attention to the score. They try to gauge their success based on how much fruit they are able to collect. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with doing that. Still, ignoring the collective of points that is appearing on that total would be a less-than-desirable approach. Why is this so? Those who rank really high in the game have amassed an accomplishment they shouldn’t ignore. High scores are a sign of excellence in performance. Keep a note of them and compare the score to what others throughout “Jungle Shooter land” are achieving. To scorers do get bragging rights and there is nothing wrong with that.

The look of the game is really awe-inspiring as well. The bright colors are evocative of classic Jungle Games of the past, but the images are a lot sharper and clearer than what was the case in previous generations. The “greens” of the natural world are captured in a very sharp manner. The colors are bright and they are not so bright as to become distracting. Players are going to find the visuals appealing and fun. The cartoonish design of the game adds to the fun and downplays the “oh so serious” nature other similar games annoying present.

The soundtrack to the game is upbeat and bright, too. The music that accompanies the game as a retro feel to it. Those who like that type of music (and long-time video game players do remember the sounds from the old Nintendo 64 and Atari days) are going to get a kick out of the soundtrack. Those who aren’t all that enthralled, well, they always have the option of putting the mute button on. Doing so is not advised. A lot is lost when the great sounds of the game are not heard.

All in all, Jungle Shooter is an app game that is sure to appeal to those looking for something fun and not too complicated. A classic old style of game play is present and this helps the proceedings nicely.

Jungle Shooter Game
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