[miau] Come on over everybody, and join in the jackpot block party. This slot machine starts off fun from the moment you get to start playing. The background is covered in purple and blue, something like you would see at an actual party. The symbols in the game are extremely fun and cool, and is reminiscent of a party as well. You’ll see different symbols such as lava lamps, cake, a turntable, a party sign, chips with dip, a party light ball, a present, and a party streamer. You can also see a symbol that states “jackpot block party,” and the number seven, with “party” listed on it.

jackpot_block_party_slot_machineThe music playing in the background, also is party themed, and gives you an upbeat feeling when you hear it play, as the reels spin. This is a five-reel 30 pay line game, and bet minimum starts at $.01, and goes up to $2.00, per bet line. Choose your bets carefully, because you can end up spending up to a whopping $60 per spin, if you choose all 30 pay lines. Remember though, the more that you bet, the more money you’re likely to win.

This game also features an auto-play feature, in case you don’t want to constantly spin the reel on your own. This can be very helpful, because you may end up playing the game for hours, and the auto-play feature can spin the reels on its own, allowing you to just sit back and watch. The jackpot block party sign, is the wild, and the symbol can substitute for any symbol except for the feature 1, 2, or 3 symbols. You’ll want to get the wild whenever possible, because it has the highest winning combination of any other symbol in the game.

Every symbol has its own payout amount, and you’ll want to get five in any combination, in order to get the highest payout amount. The feature symbols are similar to scatters, and a wild cannot substitute for any of these symbols. The three feature symbols are the party streamer, the party hat, and the “feature” sign. You will want to go for any of these feature symbols, in order to gain a bigger win. This is a standard slot machine game, with a non-progressive jackpot. The lines will pay in a consecutive order, from left to right.

If you can’t get the highest winning symbol, you want to try for the present, or the number seven sign with the word, “party” inside the symbol. These two are the highest paying symbols, next to the jackpot block party symbol. Overall, this is a pretty fun game, and you can enjoy it for the time that you’re playing. Although the highest win amount, is not extremely high, this is still a great game to play if you want something fun, that pays out some decent money.

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