Iron Man 2 is a free online game based on the 2010 film starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson. Take control of Iron Man as you blast through the skies and city streets, bringing foes to justice and racking up high scores. Iron Man 2 works on any device that supports Adobe Flash and requires a mouse and keyboard for controls. The game features three levels of pulse-pounding action. In addition, Iron Man 2 features three unlockable achievements to add replay value.

Iron Man 2: First Level

In the first level of Iron Man 2, you control Iron Man by moving the mouse cursor. Moving the cursor to the right side of the game window allows Iron Man to proceed through the level more quickly, while moving the cursor to the left side slows down the action and makes obstacles easier to avoid. Click the left mouse button to fire Iron Man’s gun.

As you fly, you will periodically see coins emblazoned with the letter “i.” These coins are called “i-cons.” Collect five i-cons to charge Iron Man’s special attack, and then press the space bar to unleash the assault upon your enemies. Iron Man’s special attack generally destroys every enemy on the screen.

Iron Man 2: Second Level

In the second level, Iron Man 2 shifts to a first-person view as you take control of War Machine. Use the mouse pointer to aim War Machine’s gun and click the left mouse button to fire at enemy mechs as they appear. Take note, though, that War Machine’s gun overheats quickly. If you fire the gun too many times in quick succession, your gun may overheat when you need it most.

The i-cons from Iron Man 2’s first level make another appearance during the second level. Here, the i-cons function as health boosters, refilling your health meter as you struggle to defeat the approaching horde of mechs.

Iron Man 2: Third Level

The third level of Iron Man 2 puts you back in control of Iron Man as he battles the villain Whiplash to the death. Control Iron Man in this level exactly as you did in the first, using the mouse pointer to move Iron Man around the screen and clicking the left mouse button to fire.

In the third level of Iron Man 2, you’ll need to contend with a flurry of missiles and mines along with Whiplash’s electrified whip. Remaining close to Whiplash will allow you to deal damage as efficiently as possible while preserving Iron Man’s precious health. If you see an i-con, touch it to refill Iron Man’s health. If you successfully defeat Whiplash, you win Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2: Achievements

Iron Man 2 has three unlockable achievements that you can view by clicking the “Unlocks” option at the main menu. Each achievement is progressively harder to obtain, and unlocking them all may require completing the game several times.

You might be fortunate enough to unlock the first achievement, “Iron Man,” when you complete Iron Man 2 for the first time. To unlock this achievement, simply complete Iron Man 2 with a score of at least 50,000 points.

If you have the fortitude to attempt complete mastery of Iron Man 2, try to unlock the “War Machine” and “Whiplash” achievements. You can unlock the “War Machine” achievement by completing the game with a score of 75,000 points or greater. To unlock the “Whiplash” achievement, complete Iron Man 2 with a score of at least 100,000 points. In addition, you must collect at least 15 i-cons during the game to unlock the “Whiplash” achievement.

Iron Man 2 – Game
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