[miau] The amount of video games that can be found online is almost beyond ridiculous, s there is a genre and type of game that really suits any person. If you like violence, there’s violence. If you like racing? There’s racing. The slot machine breed weighs heavily on the crowd who isn’t actually willing to go to casino’s and dish out all their life savings on a game, and that’s why there are so many slot machine games available for someone to choose from. So, how do you know which one to choose? Just searching ‘Slot Machine Game’ isn’t going to be much help, which is why I’m here to review one to help either eliminate or help you choose one that fits your liking.

hot_ink_slot_machineHot Ink is a slot machine game originating in the UK, and takes place at the online casino Roxy Palace. It’s overall theme is one that takes place at a tattoo parlor, where you’re free to get inked up and earn some cash on the slots all at the same time. The game explains how there are 1,024 ways to win, but like anything good in this world, there’s a catch. There are only pure winning chances — no playlines. Your tattoo artists Luci and Angel help lead the way around the parlor, and show you the tattoo themed dice that include horseshoes, dice, 8-balls and four-leaf clovers. Depending on which dice you choose each offers its own reward, which you will easily come to find out. Play here and you’ll have an online gaming experience that is truly like any other, and it will certainly make this slot game stand out from the rest.

The game rules are simple and are easy to follow. They include making sure that knowing the bonus is only triggered when three or more tattoo symbols appear — not any time else. After these three appear, you will be given a back, arm and leg. Once seen, you’ll be given three tattoos. If your tattoos form a set, you free spins and doubled winnings. If you see three or more purple or blue fish appear, you’ll be able to see a second free spin feature possibly show up. If this happens, this means you could win up to twenty additional spins. But like anything, if you’d like to re-spin the wheels, it’ll cost you some real cash.

Hot Ink is a perfect way to spend your free time and do it in a way that you’ll enjoy — with somewhat decent designs and the beautiful women (that make up for the lack of decent graphics), you won’t regret spending your time here. If you enjoy playing good looking slots for free, then you’ve found your match. If you’d like to check out Hot Ink, the Roxy Palace link can be found here, which includes free play.

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