[miau] If collecting money is your passion then you are going to love the High Society Slot machine. This is a jet-setting slot machine that takes the very best of the high life and puts it on display. Everything from stacks of money to expensive cars shows up in this game and it is the kind of slot machine that you just want to keep playing.

high_society_slot_machineThe Plot

One of the things that slots players will appreciate about High Society is that the plot is to gain as much money as possible and then find luxuries to spend it on. Of course, while you are spending on those luxuries, you are collecting more money and points as well. The game is an unashamed tribute to spending money, but it does so in a way that can put cash in your pocket.

Sound And Graphics

From the Johnny Carson style music to the skyline that acts as the background for the reels, everything about High Society fits the theme very well. The sounds effects all deal with cars, cash and sexy women. The music is actually fast-paced, which is always a good idea when trying to get people to keep playing a slot machine.

The graphics have a big city and high life theme that is absolutely impossible to ignore. The color gold is everywhere and when you hit on a bonus or jackpot spin, the graphics jump all over the screen. The animation is a little limited, which is disappointing for an online slot machine. But any lack of animation is more than made up for in the fun and detailed icons and background graphics.

Winning And Bonuses

High Society is a five-reel slot machine with 25 pay lines that offer you a lot of ways to win. There is a Super Wild bonus that can win you up to 20 free spins and a Super Multiplier that makes your winnings even better.

One of the fun parts about High Society is that it always gives you a choice as to how you want your bonus. Do you want a multiplier or free spins? It is fun to be able to see the screen go crazy with bonus icons and then always have a choice as to how you want to get your bonus.

The Bottom Line

The High Society slot machine makes no apologies for being all about making and spending money. The game is filled with the trappings of wealth and the temptations that come with having a big bank account. Even if it is only for a little while, the High Society slot machine gives you the chance to feel like a high roller and to see what having a lot of money can really buy you.

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