When it comes to the super online Old West styed online digital gaming platform known as “Governor of Poker 2,” the response from poker fans has been super with players commenting about the “cool graphics” and big payoffs. In fact, Governor of Poker 2: Premium Edition pits players against “notorious opponents” that gamers defeat in this poker action game for cash rewards. This very quick and slick online poker game can pit players against upwards of nine notorious players or opponents as featured in the game’s old west theme graphics.

Governor of Poker 2 mirrors the grouping of traditional card games featuring cash betting, with this online game also features a variable number of cards dealt, and other cards shared or hidden. The betting for this fun online poker game – that is being offered for “free” trails at various gaming or online casino sites – involves real chance and true poker expectations of the players using their skill to determine the outcome. Cash prizes for Governor of Poker 2 is impressive, say regular gamers commenting online.

Poker game features difficulty modes

Another aspect of playing Governor of Poker 2 is linked to the game’s “difficult mode,” with regular poker players wishing to try the “extra ‘Pro’ difficulty mode” for even more poker themed action. The great thing about playing this online game is doing so in the comfort of your home, or enjoying some poker action on your mobile device. Regular poker players think you will find Governor of Poker just as fun and exciting as the first edition of this game. For instance, there are numerous online testimonials about how Governor of Poker 2 mirrors the free and easy poker play of the first edition; while also featuring traditional poker skills.

Governor of Poker 2 plays like real poker

The game play for this online poker game “feels” the same as actually playing poker with friends or various opponents. For example, Governor of Poker 2 is a cool old poker dude with spirited animated visuals of Old West dance hall girls, and poker tables that one would find in a saloon. The game play is rated by many players as “sometimes impulsive,” but always “provocative” and enjoyable because if you play poker well with real cards than you will hit it big with Governor of Poker 2 online at your favorite casino or online gaming site.

The game even makes poker’s frisky aspect of bluffing possible, with the “Governor” checking out the cards being dealt as either face-up or face-down, depending on how you are betting and playing the game’s many engrossing poker features. The player is awarded the pot when he or she wins a hand of poker just as if it was an actual game played on a real table with real players. In fact, Governor of Poker 2 may feature whimsy themed cartoon styled players but there is a real showdown when players reveal their hidden cards for you winning the hand and the jackpot.

Win the pot when playing online poker

The great thing about playing Governor of Poker 2 online for “free,” is players can hone their skills and prepare for real cash money betting when you as the Governor sits down with upwards of nine other poker playing dudes to pit your knowledge of the game with others in this sophisticated high-tech working game that truly mirrors “real” poker as it has been played for decades. Because Governor of Poker 2 takes players back to the Old West, there are lots of cowboy hat opponents who can fold, fold and skip or enjoy the gamut of this realistic game when poker is played online. For instance, you can win a Royal Flush playing this fun version of real poker.

Governor of Poker 2 “free” and exciting

While most video game offerings online are games with various themes, including poker, there is something very special about playing Governor of Poker 2 because, “it requires real poker playing skill without having to be too complicated,” stated a gamer online. For example, there is the playful side of the game with the Governor traveling out West to Texas and other poker playing town to play poker as it should be played. For regular poker players you have to really love this concept video game presentation because it nails all the things that make poker so familiar.

Taking the Governor’s challenge and play poker

Moreover, the game represents traditional poker with the exciting on screen graphics and plenty of special features, poker players to defeat and challenges that keeps one betting and betting in hopes of winning the pot. Customer ratings are very high for this game because it is generous in all the important ways. For instance, it is easy to hit small or big when played over time. In turn, the game’s concept or story is the Governor is fighting a Texas gambling committee ban on poker, and your job as “Governor” is to bring the game back to the tables and win. Governor of Poker is so popular with regular poker players that many comment online about playing this online casino game for “free,” to both hone their real poker playing skills and those needed to compete online when playing this awesome themed game.

Overall, there is plenty of real winning cash money when playing Governor of Poker 2 because this animated fantasy video game experience is as easy as any online game of chance. However, you can enjoy this funny looking “Governor” dude with his big mustache, blue cowboy hat and that Old West feel down to the retro poker chips with $20, $5 and $10 chips that you toss into the pot. The game is also legal in all states; while age restrictions apply. For longtime gaming fans, this game is a sequel to the original game Governor of Poker. However, the new version features improved gaming software that is fast as a speeding bullet.


Governor of Poker 2 Game
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