[mrgreen] The Gold Factory Slot machine beckons you to play it simply with its name. While you could ignore the money reference of Gold Factory and maybe even dismiss it as a gimmick, it is impossible to ignore the fact that this is a slot machine that offers a wide variety of options for winning and could very well be your own gold factory.

gold_factory_slot_machineThe Plot

The story to Gold Factory is all about making money and this game is very good at giving you ways to walk away a winner. The Gold Factory machine is so prolific at paying out winners that even without a progressive jackpot, it still pays more than most other machines. The only real plot is that you are in a factory setting trying to make gold and the game just kind of goes from there.

Sound And Graphics

The sounds on Gold Factory are definitely designed to remind you of money. The clanking of the coins and the sound of gold chains being clanged together seem to dominate the game. There is an sort of “Around The World In 80 Days” theme to the game that causes it to have some strange music, but it really does add to the ambiance of the game.

The graphics in this game are pretty impressive. There is a huckster that calls your shots for you in the actual factory, and then there is the balloon-powered air machine icon that is kind of a mystery. There is plenty of detail in the graphics for this game and the animation makes it fun to watch as well.

Winning And Bonuses

One of the reasons why Gold Factory is so popular is because you do not need to make a max bet every spin to win. This is a five-reel game with an astounding 50 pay lines for you to choose from. Almost any bet you make has the potential to at least return free spins that can lead to more money.

When you get three gold coins on three separate reels, you are taken to the big bonus game in the factory’s boiler room. You keep going until the game decides you are done and you have the potential for winning up to 35 free spins and a lot of coins as well.

The Bottom Line

With a name like Gold Factory, this machine gave itself some pretty lofty goals to live up to. Luckily, the game goes out of its way to offer chances to win a variety of bonuses, free spins and jackpots. There is a lot going on when you play Gold Factory and that is one of the reasons why it is such a popular slot machine to play.

Gold Factory Slot
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