[miau] Glitz slots have just released their latest edition. This follows their sister machines, Jackpot Party. Both are created by WMS Gaming and are sure to be big hits, as were the first editions. This game is all about the glitz and glamor, as the name suggest. Glitz has 5 reels and 60 pay lines. This slot machine used to be in most land based casinos, but now it is solely for use in the online world.

glitz_slot_machineGame Description:

It has everything that a person would think of when it comes to glitz. There are diamonds, rubies gold, sapphires and even emeralds. The wild symbol is especially flashy, but these aspects are what make the game true to its name. Because it is dealing with gems, there must be a jewelry box, right? The jewelry box can be seen during the game and it is a highly desired symbol. When getting the “wild symbol” this sends the gamer into the jackpot area where mega wins are possible.

Bonus Features:

There is a bonus feature in the Glitz Slot and it gives the player free spins. As in most games, there are three ways for the player to trigger the bonus, and each bonus section is designated their own gem. The free spins are given, but oftentimes there is a twist to how the free spins will be awarded. This is due to the picking feature and the held symbols that are included in the scatters.

By matching any four symbols on the wheel on the first two reels, five free spins will be given. This is the first way to launch free spins, but there are more. Another way to get a free spin or two is by having the bonus symbol appear anywhere from reels three through five. This will give the player five free spins. In the bonus section, the player will be allowed to pick a jewelry box to reveal their symbol. The symbol they choose will replace all symbols that are currently on reels one and two. This will then be held for the free spins.

A third way to hit the bonus round is by matching four identical symbols on the first two reels. Additionally, a person needs to get three bonus symbols on the remaining reels to qualify. Players who are lucky enough to draw this will be given twenty free spins. After being awarded, a jewelry box needs to be selected. This will uncover a symbol and if the symbol that is uncovered is better than the currently held symbol, then the one of greater quality will stand.

Glitz Slot Overall:

Though rather new to the video slot world, Glitz has long been a favorite game in many land based casinos. By playing Glitz, it gives players the opportunity to enter the jackpot area and win big money. With up to twenty free spins and bonus rounds triggered by the jewelry box, it’s a game with limitless earning potential. It is one of the few online games that have a progressive jackpot round, meaning it can be triggered at any point during the game. It also can have any stake and can be just a random draw. The game is set up for those who like a little uncertainty and who have a whole lot riding on lady luck.

Glitz Slot
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