[miau] The Gladiator Slot machine game is made in the spirit of the old time warriors who used to fight, called Gladiators. The game starts off with a drum beating type of music, that sounds like a theme song you would hear, if you were going to war. A deep voice does an introduction of the Gladiator, prior to the reels showing up for play. Once you get to the reels, you’re immediately presented with many different symbols. The top of the game spells out the word Gladiator, while the sides have carved columns.

gladiator_slot_machineThe bottom of the game has carved stones, that are actually controls for the game, such as spin, max bet, select line, and bet per line. The creators of this game put great detail into the game, in order to make the symbols something that you would see in the times when gladiators existed. The symbols that you readily see on the screen, are of a beautiful woman, a tiger, a goblet surrounded by gold pieces, a horse, different gladiators, a stadium, a flag, a shield with a sword, and a bag full of gold. Other symbols are also added to the game as well.

This is a five-reel 25 pay line game, and you can actually choose how many bets you add per line, all the way up to five bets. When you win, it shows as if you’re winning credits, instead of winning actual dollar amounts. You can start as low as $.02 on your bets, and go all the way up to $1. Going forward, you can still end up betting a significant amount of money, because even a one dollar bet would be $30 if you played all the available lines, but it could go all the way up to $150 per bet, if you were to bet the max amount of lines, and credits.

This game does have an auto-play feature, but you may be hard-pressed to find it, because of the visuals on the screen. The auto-play feature is actually up in the top left corner, and it blends in pretty well with the background, making it something you have to actually look for. Using the auto-play feature, you can pick your plays, and your bet amounts, and let it play automatically for you, or until you’re ready to take over again. The highest payout symbol is going to be the stadium, where the next two highest payouts are the two gladiators symbols.

If you happen to get the Princess in the first reel, she can trigger the wild 2x’s symbol, which would double your winnings, if you get a wild. If you get the gladiators symbols on reel number three, it can trigger the Gladiator Smash Wild feature game, and it allows the entire third reel to turn into a wilds. The stadium is the scatter, and it pays anywhere you receive it.

Gladiator Slot
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