[miau] A slot machine that is available at the casino, online and now on mobile devices? Yes, Aristocrat has made the Geisha Slot machine available to play anytime and anywhere. It is one of the leading slot games worldwide and will just become more popular with increased technology and mobile use. It can be played for free through Apple devices, but can also be played for real money through participating casinos.

geisha_slot_machineThe Geisha slot machine is an original game created by Aristocrat that features twenty paylines and five reels. So what is a Geisha? A beautiful woman who performs dances for individual businessmen and larger audiences who wear vibrant costumes. The slot machine follows suit. It is themed around ancient Japan and the fantasy world of Geisha. Aristocrat delivers a game that is enticing, adventurous and enchanting. The player enters the mystical world of Geisha where dragons freely roam, birds soar and beautiful lotus flowers bloom.
There are many ways to win when playing this particular game. The most common and similar to other slots is to get three like symbols on a payline. If one receives more than three, the prize value increases. Certain symbols are more valuable than others, so depending on what three or more symbol match will determine the amount of credits one receives. The symbols in Geisha are based on Japanese culture and traditions. These include lanterns, fans, cats, tea kettles and Koi fish. The sound effects and music playing in the background really add to the enjoyment of the game. The player can hear battle music and kettle drums in the background during regular play. During the bonus round when a winning combination appears orient music is added for exciting effects.

One of the most unique features of Geisha is the animation that occurs every time the player wins. She will guide every player through the game by substituting symbols. The only symbols she will not alter are the gateway symbols. These symbols double the prize when on an active payline. There are several bonus rounds one can win no matter how many paylines are being played. One of the most exciting is when three or more gateway symbols appear on a payline. The player can then win up to fifteen free spins. During these spins all wins are tripled. One can also earn more free spins by hitting three or more gateway symbols during the bonus round.

The casino edition and the mobile app slots are quite similar. The major difference are the payouts. Since the mobile app is for amusement purposes only, the payouts are significantly altered. This is more for the thrill of winning and accruing credits and continued play rather than the thrill of possibly winning a large jackpot.

Geisha is a fun, exciting slot machine no matter where you decide to play. The amazing graphics and sound effects are ideal for any setting and a great escape from reality. It is enticing for the amateur slot machine player and it’s still alluring enough to pull in even the expert, seasoned gambler. No one who enjoys slots can pass by this machine. There are many reasons why Geisha is one of the most popular slot machines worldwide.

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