FreeCell Grey is one of many games that is based on the classic solitaire. My mother used to play solitaire often because she enjoyed how relaxing it was, but the modern versions of solitaire are games that will make you want to go crazy because you cannot figure out how to beat all the levels. This is the kind of thing that takes amazing skill, and you need to be willing to think outside the rules of traditional solitaire. FreeCell is much different, and this grey version of the game is going to lull you to a false sense of security with its soft background. You need to be on your toes when you are playing the game, and you need to make sure that you are ready for the game to get really hard really fast.

How Does It Work?

FreeCell is the kind of solitaire game that uses too many cards and forces you to think to make sure that you are going to win as many hands as possible. One hand is going to involve two decks, and you must try to fill up the top portion of every row with the cards from the ace down to the king. This can take some time, and you could end up moving around all the cards a lot before you ever get even close to making the cards end up in the right order. You cannot allow the game to get you down, but you have to remember that this game is a cruel and unforgiving mistress. The game is going to beat you at times, and the game will not allow you to talk your way out of hands that are simply crushing defeats for you.

How Long Are The Hands?

You can extend a hand for as long as you want until you simply run out of cards to play. You may not have any moves left because you have no moved the cards around in the right order, or you might simply not have the right card turning over when you are drawing. The game will tell you when you have run out of moves, and the game will be pretty upfront with you about the fact that you were not doing very well. You could lose at any time, and you should not surprised when the game beats you. FreeCell is very hard, and you will lose just as many hands as you win even if you are a very skilled player.

How Do You Win?

You win all the different hands in the game by getting the cards up to the top blocks in order from the ace to the king. Putting the cards in the right order is very hard for some people, and you have to think about how youa re going to move all the cards around so that you can get them up to the top at the right time. People who are good at the game spend a lot of time figuring out how to arrange their cards so that they can begin putting them in the top rows, but you have to train yourself to do that so that you will will successful most of the time. Someone who is still learning will lose a lot of hands because the cards were not in the right order in the middle of the game. The turns can run out fast, and that will be a major problem for the player who is still learning.

How Long Can Games Last?

You can set a timer on your games to see how fast you can beat them, and that is a real test of skill because most people simply cannot beat the game in that kind of time. You have to spend all this time planning your moves, and the timer does not allow you to do that. You will end up with problems that are simply out of your control, and you will have to deal with those problems at the worst possible times. You will end up losing hands because you lost track of time, and you will lose hands because you cannot think fast enough to get the next move in there.

The FreeCell Grey game is going to be a lot of fun for you if you like to think hard about what your next move is going to be. People that are experts in the game will spend a lot of time planning their next move, and even better experts can actually complete the game in a few short moves. Use this game to waste a little time when you are at the office, or use this game to sharpen your mind when you feel like it is not being used enough when you are at work. [arcadegame]

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