[miau] When it comes to gambling games, slots often get the worst rap. Slot machines re considered the lowest form of gambling, when the fact of the matter is that the opinion that this demographic is the only one who uses the slot machines is one that is simply misinformed.

flutter_pays_slot_machineTh users of slot machines are not just novice gamblers, or gamblers using the machines as a warm up before they move on to the “real” gambling games. Nor are the players of slot machines solely those of are too elderly, frail, or intoxicated to either understand or want to play anything more complex. The fact of the matter is that those who play the slot machines do so because they are after a different sort of experience than those who play games with more direct skill involved. Those who play slots want to gamble with the sense of responsibility for the outcome of the gamble. They don’t want to make skill related moves based on a hand of cards, or read probabilities of certain situations. No, those players of slots want to experience the rush of making their wager, watching the wheel spin, and letting the fates alone decide the outcome of that wager. The problem, of course, is that with many slot machines the novelty of this rush runs out very quickly. It becomes difficult to watch the same combinations of the same symbols spinning for turn and turns at a time. At this point, the mission of the slot machine player becomes to find, whether online or in a casino, the best way in which to continue to experience the rush of watching the wheel spin, and giving one’s self up completely to the universal chaos.
Enter Flutter Pays slots, a machine that shakes up the norms of the slot machine world to an almost unrecognizable result. Those slot players, either experienced or novice, who think they know what to expect from a slot machine will be forced to think again when they see Flutter Pays.
The first way Flutter Pays distinguishes itself is through its presentation to the player. One of the advantages of playing online slot machines is that one is able to see fresh new designs and motifs well outside the norms of what one would normally see in a traditional casino. This is all the more true with Flutter Pay, which presents a sleek rainforest theme, accentuated with some animations. The overall effect is one of a calming nature, the motif give Flutter Pays an altogether more relaxed ambiance than one would typically be used to while playing a slot machine.
The second way Flutter Pays sets itself apart from the rest of the slot machine world is through its gameplay. With its non traditional symbols laid out across five columns, Flutter Pays does not require a direct match to pay out, rather basing matches on the symbols being in any one of the rows across the five columns. All told, this adds up to some 243 ways of forming paid combinations. Between the numerous ways to win and the sleek design, Flutter Pays has the means to keep its players fascinated, and therefore playing, for hours upon hours.

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