[miau] Nextgem Gaming is not afraid to mix it up when it comes to creating a video slot game that is a throwback to a time long forgotten. Many kids today have no idea how newspapers were sold on the corners by young kids, and this video slot brings you back to a time where all the top stories of the day were shouted from milk crates on the street corners across the country. With Extra Cash!!, not only do you get to read all about it, you get to score serious cash if the papers line up in your favor.

extra_cash_slot_machineThe graphics are top notch in Extra Cash!!, and the symbols of the game bring you back to a time where people got all their information from the newspapers. The lower paying symbols are the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and the Ten. The better paying symbols are the stack of newspapers, the red wagon, and the newsstand. The dog and delivery truck are the top paying symbols. The extra wild symbol is wild, and the scatter is the printing presses.

The Extra Cash!! video slot game is full of exciting bonus features. The most obvious occur during regular play. If you look to the left of the reels, there is a young paper boy standing on a crate, watching every spin you make. Occasionally he will grab a newspaper from his bag and throw it at the reels, turning that symbol into a wild symbol. Don’t be surprised if this little guy throws more than one newspaper at the screen and gives you the chance to really score some nice loot. He moves throughout the games, getting excited for you when you score a huge jackpot.

The next feature is triggered when you get 3 or more of the scatter symbols on the reels. Now you are sent off to the free spin bonus round, where you will receive 8, 12, or 20 free spins, all dependent on how many scatter symbols you had. During the free spins, the wild symbols lock into place. The more wilds that you accumulate, the higher your winnings will accumulate. The other bonus feature is the re-spin feature and happens when you get 3 or more scatters while in free spin bonus mode. The scatters are held in place while all the other reels spin one more time to increase your winnings.

After each winning combination, the gamble light will turn on next to the autoplay button. Take a chance and choose the right color of the playing card, you instantly double your winnings. Tyr and guess the suit of the card, you quadruple your money. Extra Cash!! is a fun twist on a time in history that has long since gone. Give the video slot a try and you might find yourself in those headlines tomorrow as the next person to strike riches playing video slot games.

Extra Cash!! Slot
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